4 possible camera features of iPhone 16 Pro

4 camera features of iPhone 16
4 camera features of iPhone 16

The shine of iPhone 15 has not diminished yet, but discussions about the next flagship, iPhone 16, have started in the tech circles. This time leaked and some rumors saying that 4 possible camera features of iPhone 16 Pro may upgraded.

It is expected that this time Apple can bring many new features for better camera performance in iPhone 16 Pro models. So, let’s take a look at these 4 possible camera features of iPhone 16 Pro series.

What are 4 possible camera features of iPhone 16 Pro

  1. Upgraded ultra-wide camera

The ultra-wide camera of the iPhone 15 series did wonders, but it seems Apple will not stop here. According to reports, the company can provide a 48-megapixel upgraded ultra-wide camera sensor in iPhone 16 Pro models.

This will be a big change compared to the 12-megapixel sensor present in the current models. This will help in clicking better photos even in low light places.

How will it be beneficial?

  • More megapixels means pictures with more depth and detail.
  • Sharp and crisp images can be captured even in low light.
  • Landscape and wide-angle shots will become even better.
  1. Use of tetra-prism technology for telephoto lens

The Tetra-Prism technology seen for the first time in iPhone 15 Pro Max has created quite a stir. This technology allows the lens to fold, so that a telephoto lens with a long focal length can be included even in the thin design of the phone.

Till now this technology was only in the Pro Max model, but if rumors are to be believed, this time Apple can include it in the iPhone 16 Pro model also.

How will it be beneficial?

  • Both Pro models can have the facility of 5x optical zoom and 25x digital zoom.
  • It will be possible to take excellent close-up shots even of distant objects.
  • You will get better zoom capability without compromising the thin design of the phone.

However, some rumors also say that a different “periscope ultra-long telephoto combination” can be given in iPhone 16 Pro Max.

This technology can provide even more powerful zoom capabilities, but its official confirmation is yet to be done.

  1. Better lens flare control

Lens flare sometimes ruins our photos, especially at night or when the sun shines directly into the lens. According to reports, Apple can bring better lens flare control technology in iPhone 16 Pro models to get rid of this problem.

This technology can reduce lens flare through improvements in lens coating or changes in hardware.

How it will be beneficial?

Pictures will come out clear and sharp even in low light conditions.

2. 8K video recording in all models

The facility of 8K video recording is already provided in iPhone 15 Pro models, but it is limited to only 30fps. Now there are reports that Apple may bring 8K video recording at 60fps for all cameras in the iPhone 16 Pro models.

How it will be beneficial?

  • High-definition videos will look even smoother and more realistic.
  • It will also be possible to capture slow-motion video in 8K resolution.
  • This will be a great feature for professional video creators and vloggers.


In this article we will know 4 possible camera features of iPhone 16 Pro. With great camera features and great performance, these models can achieve new heights in the world of mobile photography.

But these information is based on some leaks and rumors, so after launching in September,2024 you can know about this.

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