5 Brand New Features Coming AirPods Pro 2

New Features Coming AirPods Pro 2
New Features Coming AirPods Pro 2

When the AirPods Pro 2 was release last year, Apple successfully launch its best and probably most popular wireless earbuds. But with five new features coming to AirPods Pro 2, Apple is now trying to maximize its usefulness without requiring a hardware upgrade.

New Adaptive Audio

There are three noise-canceling settings available on AirPods Pro 2. The world outside you is effectively muffle by noise cancellation. While transparency lets in sounds from the environment when your ears are plug.

When in-ear headphones were turned off before AirPods Pro, the sound was muffle and damp. They now sound better even when transparency or noise cancellation are disable. This is where Adaptive Audio comes in. You might never again require the other two modes.

Transparency mode and Active Noise Cancellation are “dynamically blend together” in adaptive mode, according to Apple, “based on the conditions of a user’s environment to deliver the best experience at the time.” And it functions flawlessly.

With Adaptive Audio, you can enjoy Transparency while doing the dishes and smoothly switch to Noise Cancellation when you turn on the hoover.

Audio playback simply sounds consistent, so you won’t even notice a mode switch. When you realize what just happen, the sounds that were previously in the background will astound you.

Conversation Awareness

AirPods have always been excellent at letting you pause the audio and tune in to the outside world since their debut in 2017. With Auto-Pause, all you have to do is take out an AirPod to pause playback. A fresh approach to an old concept is called Conversation Awareness.

The AirPods Pro 2 can automatically reduce your volume and amplify the voices of people speaking in front of you if you speak while Conversation Awareness is enable. Conversation Awareness will actively quiet the environment behind you while this is going on.

Mute or Unmute

You must have used the Mute or Unmute features during phone calls through your AirPods Pro 2. It may not be as revolutionary as the Adaptive Audio and Conversation Awareness features but it still plays an important role.

To use the Mute feature you just have to gently press the stem of your AirPods and you can quickly mute yourself during phone calls. While you can Unmute yourself by pressing once more.

Personalized Volume

The “Personalised Volume” feature is another new addition, and it allows the AirPods to automatically optimise user experience by using machine learning to recognise ambient noise levels and listening preferences over time.

Automatic Switching

The “Automatic Switching” feature of Apple products, which allows you to connect any Apple device with ease, is one of their most exceptional and best features. The connection time between a user’s Apple devices will become significantly faster and more dependable thanks to a new feature update, claims Apple.


The AirPods Pro 2 will be flood with features like adaptive audio, conversation awareness, mute or unmute, customise volume, and automatic switching improvements.

Through a free software update, these features will be add to AirPods Pro 2. Despite the fact that September is when iOS 17 and the AirPods software updates are expected to be released.

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