Apple will soon release an iOS 17.2 update with a fix for Wi-Fi connectivity issues

Apple release iOS 17.2
Apple release iOS 17.2

Apple will release an iOS 17.2 update with a fix for Wi-Fi connectivity issues: Apple just published the iOS 17.1 update, which includes bug fixes. Apple is currently testing the second iOS 17.2 operating software update, which comes just one week after the first iOS 17 release.

In this article we will tell you about Apple will release an iOS 17.2 update with a fix for Wi-Fi connectivity issues. It is said that this update will resolve Wi-Fi issues that some users have been having ever since they updated to iOS 17.

iOS 17.2 to Fix Wi-Fi Problems and Bring New Features

According to a report, by 9to5Mac many users have mentioned experiencing issues with Wi Fi connectivity after updating to iOS 17.

These problems include dropped connections, slow performance and much more. IClarified also confirmed this and reported a few bugs to Apple.

In response to these concerns Apple has acknowledged the issues. They stated that they have been addressed in iOS 17.2 which is currently in beta testing.

We can expect to get iOS 17.2 in December after the beta version was release last week. Apart from fixing the WiFi problem iOS 17.2 will introduce a variety of features and enhancements.

These additions include the anticipated Journal app, the ability for Apple Music subscribers to collaborate on playlists, an option for the Action button, improved security through iMessage Contact Key Verification, additional weather and clock widgets and various other features on iPhone 15 Pro models.

New Features For The iOS 17.2

1. Journal Application: In iOS 17.2 users will have the option to privately collect and examine information from applications such, as Notes, Health and Photos.

Just like our physical journals where we keep track of our life in the app we can similarly record everything through pictures, audio files and location tags as our entries.

2. Collaboration with Apple Music: We always want to know what our friends and family members are listening to or we have our recommendations but it’s a hassle to everytime give your phone to them.

But with the new iOS 17.2 update Apple Music users can easily send their playlist’s link and others can add or remove songs on their playlist.

3. Translate options: The most intriguing features in the iOS 17.2 update is the ‘Translate options’ that will allow you to easily translate any text just select the text and press the action button and then select ‘Translate’.

4. Encrypting your iMessage contact key: The iOS 17.2 update Apple will introduce a security feature called iMessage Contact Key Verification whose aim is to enhance message security for users by verifying their contact keys.

If you want to use this feature you have to confirm your contact key with someone else through scanning QR codes or comparing codes on their devices.

5. Reaction through stickers: Finally iMessages has decided to include the feature of replying through stickers as this feature was already available on multiple messaging apps. To reply using stickers just select a message and choose the sticker you want.

6. Clock and Weather Widgets: Three new widget features will be add in the new iOS 17.2 update. These widgets are ‘Details ‘Daily Forecast’ and ‘Sunrise & Sunset’ and a clock widget.


In this article we discussed Apple will release an iOS 17.2 update with a fix for Wi-Fi connectivity issues.To solve the WiFi connection issues experienced by users after updating to iOS 17, Apple has announced that they will release an iOS 17.2 update in December. This update aims not to address the bugs but also introduce features.

The upcoming update will include the Journal app allowing Apple Music subscribers to collaborate on playlists. It will also offer an option to translate the Action button, on iPhone 15 Pro models and provide clock and weather widgets.

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