Apple vs. Beeper Mini: Apple Blocks Beeper Mini’s iMessage Service

Apple vs. Beeper Mini
Apple vs. Beeper Mini

Apple Blocks Beeper Mini’s iMessage Service. Eric Migicovsky, a former co-founder of Pebble, release an app named Beeper Mini, this app was supposed to bypass Apple’s infamous green bubble for Android devices when messaging.

However, the release of this app was followed by an immediate outage due to some security concerns. As per Beeper, the service is secure and they are trying to restart the app.

In this article we will tell you about why Apple Blocks Beeper Mini’s iMessage Service. We will also explain the reason why Apple didn’t allow Beeper Mini for messaging.

Apple Confirms Blocking Beeper’s Mini iMessage Service.

To access Apple’s iMessage service, one had to pay a small monthly fee but recently there has been availability of Beeper Mini on Android. A UK based company, Nothing had earlier come up with something similar to what was attempt here.

But unfortunately upon trying to send messages using the Beeper Mini application users got messages reading timed out lookup requests and lookup failed on the server. Following many reports of issues, Beeper admitted that there was a problem and said they are working on getting back online.

Why Did Apple Block Beeper Mini’s iMessage Service?

Shortly after this, Apple told the verge that it had stopped the use of fake credentials on Beeper Mini to access iMessage. In a statement Apple said that it took measures to protect its users because Beeper’s “activities exposed its user security and privacy to undue risks.”

However, according to Beeper Mini, it has end-to-end encrypted messaging. Unlike SMS which is unencrypted, the company stated on X that its service “enhances safety” and protects all conversations. The company also revealed that they may share their full source code with third parties for in-depth security assessments upon mutual agreement.

How Did Beeper Respond To Apple’s Move?

Eric Migicovsky asked in the report, “But Apple should not have any reason to block a service which empowers their own users to now send Android users secure messages instead of using insecure SMS?” if the company is “concerned about privacy and security” of iPhone owners.

Later Beeper expressed optimism in giving their users some “good news” soon while trying to restore its services. Introduced as a service for Android subscribers to connect and use iMessage from iOS devices at a cost of $1.99 (approximately Rs 160) monthly beeper mini was launch.


In this article we discussed Apple Blocks Beeper Mini’s iMessage Service.
The recent clash between Apple and Beeper concerning access to iMessage on Android brings attention to the conflict between platform exclusivity and user freedom in the messaging industry.

Apple places an emphasis on maintaining security and privacy within its ecosystem while Beeper advocates for open communication and compatibility across different platforms.

Beepers attempts to restore iMessage functionality demonstrate developers commitment to finding solutions that meet users needs, for platform messaging.

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