Clock Vault – Hide Photos, Videos Review

Clock Vault - Hide Photos
Clock Vault - Hide Photos

The ClockVault app is used to easily hide personal photos, videos, and any other files safely and to keep them safe. In this post, we are going to review Clock Vault: Hide Photos and Videos.

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What is a Clock Vault app?

If you want to keep your private videos, photos, or any file confidential, then Clock Vault is the best and most secure app.


You can easily hide folders or albums in your gallery by using a password.

Features of the Clock Vault App

Hide pictures: In a private photo locker, you can easily hide pictures from your gallery in the vault.

Hide videos: with a private video locker, you can easily hide private media from your gallery in a vault.

Fingerprint security: You can also use your fingerprint to unlock.

Strong appLock: Lock your messenger, email, browser, gallery, contacts, or any other app you choose. You can also lock WiFi and Bluetooth.

Hide/Replace Icon: The vault can replace its clock icon with other icons like a calculator, music, etc. to hide the vault better.

Video player: A super-inbuilt video player is there to watch videos inside the video vault.

Fake password (Decoy Locker): With the help of a fake locker system, if you input the fake password, then the fake content will be visible instead of the real content.

Break-in Alert: If someone else tries to unlock the apps behind you, it will capture the selfie of that person and mail it to you.

Easy navigation: You can easily navigate on the back screen by swiping from left edge to right, like on the iPhone.

Themes applock: You can choose different types of applock themes to beautify your lock screen.

Beautiful Design: Its design is very simple and beautiful.

How do I use the Clock Vault app?

  • Install the vault clock and press the middle button of the clock.
  • Set the time password as per your choice by rotating the hour and minute hands and pressing the middle button of the watch.
  • Repeat the password to confirm.

Important: Restore your personal files before uninstalling the app; otherwise, they will be lost forever.

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