How To Create A Channel On WhatsApp In Just 5 Easy Steps?

Create WhatsApp Channel
Create WhatsApp Channel

WhatsApp, a Meta owned company, has just released “Channels,” a new feature for updating followers. It’s like a one-way platform, not like communities.

The sharing of news, information, and announcements can be done through channels by people, companies, and organizations. A limitless audience can receive your text, pictures, videos, stickers, and links.

In this article we will tell you about How To Create A Channel On WhatsApp In Just 5 Easy Steps? We will give all the information about creating your channels, features, its privacy policy and much more.

How To Create A Channel On WhatsApp In Just 5 Easy Steps?

It only takes a few clicks on a few tabs and acceptance of Meta’s terms and conditions to activate channels. You can accept Meta’s terms by updating WhatsApp from the App Store or Google Play Store. Here are the steps to create a channel on WhatsApp:

1. Open WhatsApp and tap the Updates tab.
2. Tap the + button and select New channel.
3. Follow the instructions that come like providing channel names and customizing your channel.
4. Add a description and icon for your channel.
5. Tap Create channel to start sharing updates.

What Are The Privacy Concerns With WhatsApp Channels?

Since the introduction of WhatsApp channels, there has been a lack of clarity regarding the privacy of the service. There is concern over whether these numbers will be shared on WhatsApp channels because WhatsApp only uses phone numbers to create the account.

In addition, people are concerned about whether their personal information will be made public once they take on the role of channel admin. WhatsApp gave a proper response while addressing this problem.

In their announcement, WhatsApp explained that without even disclosing their phone numbers to other subscribers or the channel administrator, users can follow the channels of their choice.

Admins of channels can also keep their phone numbers a secret from viewers. But still there are some controversies as the conversations within the channels are not end-to-end encrypted. According to WhatsApp, the intent behind establishing social channels can not be establish by encrypting channel conversations.

Features Of WhatsApp Channels

  • You can quickly find channels based on your interests.
  • Similar to how you would respond to a group WhatsApp message or a Slack message, you can react to channel updates in the same way.
  • Messages from channels can directly be forward to contacts,
  • There is a 30-day storage limit for messages that was made explicit by Meta during the Channels announcement.


In this article we discussed How To Create A Channel On WhatsApp In Just 5 Easy Steps? Users can now follow celebrities and organizations based on their interests, and Channels are made to make it easier for users to receive updates privately from those they are following.

Admins can send updates to a large audience using WhatsApp’s new “Channel” feature, which is a one-way broadcast service.

Channels are a one-way broadcasting tool that give administrators the ability to send polls, stickers, images, text, and videos. To help users find Channels that are pertinent to their interests and hobbies, WhatsApp has also developed a searchable directory.

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