End-to-End Encryption Now Default for Individual Chats

End-to-End Encryption Chats
End-to-End Encryption Chats

On Wednesday, Meta announced End-to-end encryption now default for individual chats on Facebook Messenger. In the next few weeks and months, Meta, Facebook’s parent company intends to start protecting both new and existing conversations through E2EE.

End-to-end encryption now default for individual chats are going to exhibit all of the same features as communication that was not encrypted in the past; including options like custom message reactions, messaging themes and unsending texts.

Facebook Messenger Turns End-to-End Encryption on by Default for Individual Chats

Loredana Crisan of Messenger disclosed in a post detailing the new features that secure calling and one-on-one chat on the messaging app have been added with end-to-end encryption. Crisan stated that Meta worked with authorities, researchers, educators, and activists to ensure a balance between safety and privacy.

The only difference is that Messenger is no longer able to access chats just like Meta’s own WhatsApp does. However if a conversation participant reports a conversation’s content then Meta can view E2EE message contents —WhatsApp features similar reporting.

E2E encrypted chat feature Secret Conversations launched by Messenger in 2022 has been updated with some regular chat functionality. Among them is messaging ability where one can send stickers or GIFs. In private chats, users can also specify chat themes.

Screenshot Alerts Added in E2EE Chats

According to Meta Messenger, E2EE chats now include functionalities available in regular chats and participants that opt for the 24-hour disappearing message mode will also get notifications when a snap is taken.

Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg announced that the firm was integrating Instagram as well as Messenger with default E2EE chats a few years ago. This was originally a sign from Meta that encrypted chats were being made the default setting for all time.

The company claims to be using its own Labyrinth Protocol and the Signal Protocol, which is used on Signal and generally considered as the industry standard for encrypted messaging applications.


In this article we discussed End-to-end encryption now default for individual chats. All users will not immediately see their conversations move into E2EE chats. Crisan points out that “it may take some time for Messenger chats to be updated with default end-to-end encryption”, implying that this process could be slow.

It is important to note that some regions e.g., India, have not yet allowed their users access to features such as the optional E2EE encryption offered on Instagram. After completing the roll-out on messenger, it is expected that Meta will make E2EE chats a default option in Instagram.

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