Find Location By Phone Number App Review

Find Location By Phone Number
Find Location By Phone Number

Many times, it may happen that you want to track the location of people close to you. So that you can know where he is at this time. So, in such a situation, an app like Find Location By phone number can be very helpful for you. In today’s Find Location by Phone Number app review, we will know how this app will help you in tracking the location of your mobile numbers.

Let’s do Find Location by Phone Number app Review and see to what extent it can be helpful for you.


  • Find Location By Phone Number App review
  • Track Location be sending specific message on WhatsApp
  • This app claims that it can track the location of mobile numbers.
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What is Find Location By Phone Number App?

Find Location By Phone Number App is a unique app that gets installed on your smartphone and gets connected to your WhatsApp.

Whenever you send a specific message (which you can set yourself), Waloc automatically sends your real-time location to WhatsApp. This location will be visible only in WhatsApp chat.


How Find Location By Phone Number App Works?

This app works a little differently. It does not directly track the location of any number. Instead, it installs on your phone and you set up a specific WhatsApp message.

Whenever you send that message to someone, App automatically sends the GPS location at that time as a reply to the same WhatsApp chat.

This means that the person whose location you want to know will also have to install App on their phone. Then you can send them that special message and they will share their location in response.

How to use Find Location by Phone Number App?

The app is quite easy to use, so let’s see what you need to do to use it:

  • First, download and install the Find location app on the device whose location you want to track. This is the device you are looking for or whose location you want to share with your family/friends.
  • Open the app and you will see some settings. Here you have to select the specific message which you will use as a trigger.
  • Now, open WhatsApp on your phone. Send a special message to the number on the device you selected in this location tracking app.
  • If everything is set correctly and GPS is on, you will get a reply on the same WhatsApp chat within a few seconds.
  • The response will contain only text, which will contain information about the location of that device. No fancy maps or links, just location text.

Things to Consider Before Using Find Location App

  • Keep in mind that this app will work only when it is installed on both the devices, i.e. the one whose location is to be detected and the one to whom the location is to be sent.
  • Before tracking someone’s location, it is necessary to obtain their consent.
  • Using GPS location can drain the battery a little quickly.

Overall, Waloc is a unique and easy way to track the location of your family and friends. Just keep in mind that it should be used properly and with consent.

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