How To Fix iOS 17 Wallpaper Blur at Top?

Fix iOS 17 Wallpaper Blur
Fix iOS 17 Wallpaper Blur

Although iOS 17 has many new features and hidden gems, it also has some bugs and new settings that may be difficult to understand. The blurry wallpaper issue is one of them.

Your wallpaper doesn’t perfectly fit the screen if the top of it is blurry. To make up for this, iOS 17 adds a blur effect, but this can tarnish the appearance of the wallpaper.

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to disable this blur effect. In this article we will tell you about How to fix iOS 17 Wallpaper Blur at Top?

Why is iOS 17 blurring my wallpaper?

An image can now be set as your wallpaper thanks to changes made in iOS 17. iOS 17 adds a blurring effect at the top to match the background color of the selected image and fit it as the wallpaper when you set an image as your wallpaper that is not the exact aspect ratio as your phone.

According to Apple, this is done in iOS 17 to provide a cleaner aesthetics and guarantees that the time, battery, and other indicators are easily visible at a glance. Earlier iOS required you to either zoom in or put up with top and bottom black bars.

How To Fix iOS 17 Wallpaper Blur at Top?

Here are a few ways to fix iOS 17 blurring the top wallpaper issues:

1. Choose proper size of your wallpapers

Except for using a wallpaper that is the proper size and resolution for your iPhone, there is currently no proper way to resolve the blurred wallpaper issue in iOS 17.

You don’t need to zoom in or out when selecting a wallpaper that is designed for the iPhone’s screen resolution. The various iPhone models’ screen resolutions are listed below so you can find a wallpaper that is made to perfectly fit your device’s screen.

Apple iPhone Models Screen Resolutions
iPhone 15 and 15 Pro 2556 x 1179 pixels
iPhone 15 Plus and 15 Pro Max  2796 x 1290 pixels
iPhone 14 2532 x 1170 pixels
iPhone 14 Plus  2778 x 1284 pixels
iPhone 14 Pro  2556 x 1179 pixels
iPhone 14 Pro Max 2796 x 1290 pixels
iPhone 13 2640 x 1200 pixels
iPhone 13 Pro & 13 Pro Max  2880 x 1320 pixels
iPhone 12 mini 2340 x 1080 pixels
iPhone 12, 12 Pro  2532 x 1170 pixels
iPhone 12 Pro Max 2778 x 1284 pixels
iPhone 11, iPhone XR 1792 x 828 pixels
iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS  2436 x 1125 pixels
iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS Max  2688 x 1242 pixels


2. Prevent zooming in or zooming out the wallpaper

There’s always a way to fix problems on iPhones that usually works until Apple adds the ability to fix the wallpaper blur on iOS 17 to the operating system. When you zoom in or out on an image to make it fit on your iPhone’s screen, iOS blurs the background automatically.

As a result, avoid adjusting the image’s zoom while setting it as your wallpaper. Simply leaving it alone will help you resolve the iOS 17 blurry wallpaper issue. You can see below that only when you zoom in or out on the image does the blur effect appear at the top of the wallpaper.

You can crop the picture and make other modifications if you still want to edit it to look the way you want. Here are the steps:

  • Select the photo you want to use as your iPhone’s wallpaper in the Photos app.
  • Then select Duplicate by tapping the three dots in the top-right corner.
  • Choose a picture from either of two choices shown. Zoom out the photo and select Crop if you want it to take up the entire iPhone screen.
  • In other cases, select Edit in the top-right corner and crop the picture as needed.
  • After editing, select Done. Save the cropped image in your wallpaper after finishing.

3. You can choose a darker wallpaper

You should think about switching to a darker wallpaper if you’re concerned that iOS 17 will blur the wallpaper on the top.

This is due to the fact that darker wallpapers or pictures with darker backgrounds can better mask blurriness since they lessen the contrast between the background and the distorted elements. It is also harder to see the blur.

In order to get a better visual experience, choose a darker wallpaper if you’re genuinely worried about your wallpapers becoming blurry at the top with iOS 17.


In this article we discussed How To Fix iOS 17 Wallpaper Blur at Top? The only known solution for the iOS 17 wallpaper blur at top issue at this time is to select a wallpaper that perfectly matches the format and resolution of your iPhone.

However, by using the above suggestions, you can find a wallpaper that will look fantastic on your iPhone’s screen without being blurry.

We anticipate that Apple will address this problem in a subsequent update to iOS 17. In the interim, we advise using a wallpaper that is optimized for your iPhone’s screen resolution and staying away from wallpapers with a lot of text or details.


Q. Why is the top of my iPhone wallpaper blurry?
Answer. Unlike the depth effect, which can be turned on or off, blur cannot be. This new feature is present in iOS 17, according to Apple. Your wallpaper will become hazy if you zoom out. The blur disappears when you zoom in.

Q. How do you Unblur wallpaper on an iPhone?
Answer. Go to Settings > Wallpaper to restore your home screen’s wallpaper. Turn off “Blur” after tapping the “Customize” button for the Home Screen. Tap “Done” to save your changes in the end.

Q. What’s new to iOS 17?
Answer. The new features in iOS 17 include contact posters, NameDrop, StandBy, Live Voicemail, FaceTime video voicemail, a new voice recognition model for Siri, and improved autocorrection and dictation.

Q. Is there iOS 17 beta?
Answer. You can register for the public beta test of iOS 17 if you want to be among the first to try it out. With iOS 16.4, the procedure for installing a beta has changed.

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