How to fix the Weather App Not Working on iPhone?

How to fix the Weather App Not Working on iPhone?
How to fix the Weather App Not Working on iPhone?


  • How to fix the Weather App Not Working on iPhone
  • Why is the Weather App Not Working on Your iPhone?

How to fix the Weather App Not Working on iPhone: The iPhone weather app is a useful resource for following the current weather and checking the forecast.

Nevertheless, similar to other iPhone problems such as when your iPhone keeps on restarting or getting stuck at the Apple logo, sometimes the weather app on your iPhone may stop working.

It is this that might make you wonder why you are not receiving any expected weather updates. In this article we will tell you How to fix the Weather App Not Working on iPhone?

Why is the Weather App Not Working on Your iPhone?

Inability of the weather to operate on iPhones over time has left many users confused. However, there are several possible reasons, but these are common ones which make weather apps that do not function on an iPhone:

Network Issue: The data for your iPhone’s weather updates comes online from the network and it may not update if there is a poor internet connection or no connectivity at all.

Location Services: To coordinate all these real-time changes in conditions of weather, Location data is required by the Weather app. If location services are off or access is not sufficient, then this app can show wrong weather information.

Crashes in the Weather App: The weather app experiences occasional software glitches that cause it to freeze, crash or display incorrect weather information.

Problems with the Server: Sometimes there is nothing wrong with your device but rather there are some issues with the server that this application uses to get weather information. The iPhone weather app doesn’t work as expected if the server is offline or experiencing problems

Turn Off Background App Refresh: As a constantly changing phenomenon, the weather app must refresh in real-time even when running in background. However, you may have disabled background app refresh and as such, your iPhone will not have a functioning weather application.

Issues with Hardware: These are rare, but they can occur. That being said, if your iPhone has any hardware related issues such as GPS or location hardware, it may affect how well the weather app performs.

How to fix the Weather App Not Working on iPhone?

Now that you know what makes the weather app not load data correctly, why don’t you try our troubleshooting tips and see if it works? Here is how to fix not working Weather app on your iPhone:

1. Check location services

Make sure the Location Services for Weather app is enabled on your iPhone. This enables the Weather app to locate you and deliver precise weather data according to your current residence. To enable location services, for the Weather app on your iPhone follow these steps;

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Select. Security.

3. Tap on Location Services at the top of the menu.

4. Make sure that Location Services is enabled by turning on the toggle switch.

5. Scroll down. Find the Weather option.

6. Tap on it. Select the “option.

That’s it! You have successfully enabled location services for the Weather app, on your iPhone.

2. Force Close and Restart Weather App

Originally, there could be a bug in the weather app if you open it for the first time. This will make the weather app become unresponsive and provide incorrect and outdated weather details. To fix this, just force close the app and then open it again.

For iPhone 8 or older versions, tap twice on the home button. If you’re using the newer iPhones swipe up from below until you see an app switcher. Swipe up to exit from the Weather App. Then try if it works properly when opened again.

3. Check your Internet Connection

In order for the Weather app to provide you with recent weather conditions, you need a reliable internet connection. The first thing before doing anything is make sure that your cellular data and Wi-Fi are functioning properly.

If they aren’t considering moving to another connection type with better reception, moreover, if available switch to 5G mobile data.Now reopen the weather application to check whether it is still having issues.

4. Restart Your iPhone

Sometimes minor iOS software bugs can be fixed by simply restarting your phone . To reset any temporary problem affecting the Weather app, turn off your iPhone and restart it again.

5. Update iOS

If you’re experiencing issues with compatibility it could be due to an outdated iOS version. To enhance the performance of the Weather app, on your iPhone consider updating it to the firmware version. This will not fix any bugs related to app malfunctions but also boost your devices security and ensure smooth functionality of the Weather app.

6. Turn On Background App Refresh

If you turn off the Background App Refresh feature the Weather app might have difficulty updating and retrieving data when you’re not actively using it. This could cause delays. Display information when you open the app.

To avoid this enabling Background App Refresh can ensure that the Weather app remains up to date and provides timely weather forecasts. To enable Background App Refresh on your iPhone follow these steps:

1. Open the General settings on your iPhone.

2. Scroll down. Tap on “Background App Refresh.”

3. From there select “Wi Fi & Cellular Data” to allow background app updates, over both Wifi and networks.

By following these instructions you will be able to configure Background App Refresh settings on your iPhone

7. Reset Location and Privacy Settings

Sometimes if you’re having issues, with the iPhone Weather app not working a simple solution could be to reset the location and privacy settings.

That way, you make your position service settings back to default and probably solve any conflicting and problematic causes of an app malfunction.

You can reset your iPhone to factory settings which is not advisable because if you have not back-upped your data you will lose it.

This is how you reset your iPhone’s location and privacy settings:

  • To transfer or reset your iPhone, open the General section of the Settings app and select Transfer or Reset iPhone at the bottom.
  • In such a situation, click Reset and pick Reset Location & Privacy.
8. Uninstall and Reinstall The Weather App

Often this action will help if issues are fixed by completely refreshing the application installation after uninstalling and reinstalling the weather app. How to do it is as follows:

  • Tap on the Weather app on the home screen of your phone, swipe upwards then tap Remove.
  • Tap Delete App now, then confirm deletion by tapping Delete.
  • Reinstall the Weather app from the App Store at this point.

That’s all there is to it; by doing these things right, you can address several probable issues that might result into non-functional Weather app

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