How to use Gemini to summarize YouTube videos

Gemini summarize YouTube videos
Gemini summarize YouTube videos

You spend hours on YouTube, but sometimes you don’t have time to watch a video completely. Or maybe you just want to understand the main points. Then, Here comes Google Gemini handy for you. Gemini help you to summarize youtube videos content. But the main questions are how to use Gemini to summarize YouTube videos?

So, in today’s article we will talk about How to use Gemini to summarize YouTube videos? Gemini is a large language model that can summarize YouTube videos. So, if you want several videos content in few pointers than read this full article.

Use Gemini to summarize YouTube videos on Desktop

There is very easy process to summarize Youtube Videos on web or on your computer.

  • First Go to the browser and Open Gemini (
  • You need to make an account on Gemini. So, if you don’t have account then first create an account on gemini by using your email.
  • After logging in, you will see a settings icon (⚙️) in the bottom left corner, click on it.

  • In the menu that opens from there, you will see the option of “Extensions”, click on it.

  • Now you will see an extension of YouTube there, if it is turned off then enable it.

  • Come back to the chat screen and paste the URL of the copied YouTube video into the text box. Then press Enter or click on the send icon. You can tag the extension and add some instructions to provide a clearer summary.

Credit- Beeboom

  • After doing this, Gemini will extract the gist of that YouTube video and tell you in a few seconds.

Just remember, if you see a message on the website like “Gemini is not supported for this account”, don’t panic. You may be logged in with your work email. For Gemini to work for work email, a company administrator must activate Gemini. Otherwise, it will definitely work from your personal Google account.

Use Gemini to summarize YouTube videos on Mobile

Now let’s learn how to summarize YouTube videos using Gemini on mobile. This is very easy especially for Android users.

  • First of all, copy the link of the YouTube video whose summary you want.
  • Then open Gemini app on your phone (it is available for free).
  • In the top right corner you will see your profile icon, tap on it. Then select “Extensions” from the options available there.
  • Now when you scroll down, you will see the option of YouTube extension at the end. It was already turned on on my phone, but it may be turned off on your phone. So, if it is off then turn it on.

Credit – Beebom

  • Now come back to the home screen of the app and paste the copied link in the text box. Then tap the send icon to extract the summary.

Credit – Beebom

  • You can also tag the YouTube extension with “@”. You can then either paste the link or type a topic and Gemini will find and provide you with videos related to that topic.

Credit – Beebom

  • Additionally, you can also write some instructions along with the link to make Gemini’s essence even clearer. For example, you can ask it to summarize the video, ask it to describe a specific time, or ask it to focus on a particular aspect of the video.

Gemini is a useful tool for getting the gist of YouTube videos. This helps you save time and get the main points of the video. But this is not always accurate and does not give you the full video experience.

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