Gesture Lock Screen App Review

Gesture Lock Screen App

Pin, pattern, fingerprint these methods of unlocking the phone have become outdated. Do you want to make your phone lock screen unique and secure? So today let us talk about Gesture Lock Screen app, with the help of this app you will know about unique methods.

In this blog we will Gesture Lock Screen app review and its uses, features and shortcomings. Let’s see if this app is suitable for your phone or not!

What is a Gesture Lock Screen App? How does it work?

This app is a screen lock app that provides a unique and new way to unlock your phone through air gestures. Instead of using traditional pins or patterns, you create a special gesture by tapping, waving or rotating your finger on the screen. The phone gets unlocked with your correct gesture.

Many customization options are also available in this app. You can change the lock screen theme, set different gesture combinations, and even choose a sound or vibration when unlocking.

Features of this App

Unique Gesture Lock – Due to its unique lock, it gives a completely different experience from PIN, pattern, fingerprint.

High security – It’s plus point is that even complex gesture combinations keep your phone’s data safe.

Multiple customization options – Choose your favorite gesture or theme and sound/vibration.

Additional security features – As a security option, it provides options like delay on wrong attempts, PIN backup etc.

Simple and easy interface – It is very easy to use and anyone can learn it.

Battery Friendly – This app consumes less battery.

How to download gesture lock screen app

Downloading this lock screen app is very easy. You can download it absolutely free from Google Play Store. Follow step-by-step guide:


  • Open Google Play Store on your phone.
  • Type “gesture lock screen” in the search bar.
  • Select the app “Gesture Lock Screen – Draw Pattern Password” from the search result with developer name Nishant Srivastava.
  • Install by clicking the “Tap On” button.
  • After the app is installed, open it.
  • Now you can set up the app and create your own favorite gestures or themes for your phone’s lock screen and check out other security features.

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