Get your passport size photo in just one minute

Get your passport size photo
Get your passport size photo

If you want to go abroad so, for this a passport will have to be made. And one of the most important things for getting a passport is – passport size photo. Now earlier one had to go to photo studio for this, but now times have changed. Nowadays, you can Get your passport size photo in just one minute sitting at home with the help of your smartphone.

In this blog we will tell you how you can Get your passport size photo in just one minute using “Passport Photo Maker”. If you want to make your best passport size photo at home so, please follow this article. Let’s Start!

What is Passport Photo Maker?

Passport Photo Maker is an app or website that helps you create a photo of the right size and format for your passport right from your smartphone or computer.

These apps allow you to crop the photo properly, change the background, and prepare the photo according to the required rules.

In other words, it is a tool that makes your work easier so that you do not need to go to the passport office or go to a studio to get photos taken.

Process of Get your passport size photo in just one minute

By following given steps below, you can easily create your passport size photo by sitting at home.

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Step 1: Open Passport Photo Maker website

First of all, go to your mobile browser and type Passport Photo Maker. Now you have to click on the first website that opens in front of you.

Step 2: Take or select a photo

You can use an existing photo or take a new one using the app’s camera. Make sure the photo is clear and well taken, and that your shoulders are visible.

Step 3: Crop your photo

Depending on the app chosen, you will be prompted to crop your photo to the correct passport size. Most apps have an option to automatically center your face and crop the photo to the correct size. You can also crop manually.

Step 4: Change the Background (Optional)

These websites allow you to change the background of your photo. You can also choose formal clothes as per the photo. This can be useful if your background is blurry or not white and you can change it if your clothes are not in good shape.

Step 5: Save and Print Your Photo

Once you’re happy with your photo, you can save it to your phone or print it. Many apps allow you to print directly from a local photo printer. You can also print your photos on photo paper and cut them out yourself.

Now if you need passport size photo for your documents or other purpose, you can easily make your professional photo by using Passport photo maker website.

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