Google can bring major changes in the volume panel in Android 15.

Google changes volume panel


  • The changes to the volume panel in Android 15 will be a welcome change.
  • The Volume Panel is changing according Material U
  • Mishaal Rehman told about how volume Panel in Android 15 will work
  • Google can bring major changes in the volume panel in Android 15.

You must have noticed that there have not been any significant changes in the last few Android versions, especially in terms of user interface (UI). But Google can bring major changes in the volume panel in Android 15.

Right now, the volume panel is one of the few UI elements that still uses the old sliders and doesn’t follow the Material U design language, which Google brought in with Android 12 in 2021. So, let’s talk about how Google can bring major changes in the volume panel in Android 15.

So, the thing is that according to rumors, Google is thinking of changing it. There are no significant changes visible in the developer previews of Android 15 yet, but it is believed that as the testing progresses and brings us closer to stable Android 15, many new features will emerge. We also look forward to Google I/O 2024, where we might see these user-level changes.

From what we hear now, the volume panel in Android 15 could be getting a completely new look, and it looks quite interesting.

Since Android 12, Google has changed many UI/UX things, but the volume control panel still remains with the same old sliders, it does not have the smooth slider of Material U.

Volume Panel Corresponding to Material U

Right now, Android’s volume panel looks a bit clunky. It uses those old sliders, which don’t match at all with the rest of Material U. Material U is a design language that focuses on more rounded corners, fluid motion, and vibrant colors.

According to the changes made in Android 15 Developer Preview 2 (DP2), it seems that Google is acknowledging the issue. They have made some internal changes to the volume panel, indicating that it may get a makeover soon.

Hopefully in the coming updates, we will see a new volume panel that follows the design principles of Material U. This could mean we might get more rounded corners, smoother animations, and perhaps a color scheme that matches your device’s wallpaper.

How will this new Google Volume Panel works?

This news has come from the same person who first told us about Android 12’s Material U – Mishaal Rehman (Android Authority).

So, they somehow got this new volume control panel enabled in the latest Android 15 developer preview! How is this new panel?

  • First of all, it got rid of the old sliders. Now the sliders are quite thick and look good.
  • The second big thing is that earlier the option to select the output device (from where the sound is coming) was at the bottom, now it has come at the top. Now it will be easily visible, earlier it was hidden in the menu and was difficult to find.

According to Mishal, the sound can also be turned on or off directly by tapping these sliders. Also, when you press the arrow next to the “Media” slider, the entire panel will shrink.

This panel will open in a smaller form when a song or video is playing, and when nothing is playing, all the sliders will be visible.

Another interesting thing is that it will now tell where the sound is coming from, even if nothing is going on. Earlier it was shown only for the traveling media.

This means that even if no song is playing, it will still tell you what is capable of playing sound (such as a Bluetooth speaker). And when a song is playing, it will show the source from where the song is playing.

However, Mishaal also says that this design is not finalized yet. It’s possible that when it arrives later in the year, more things will be added to this menu, like options for noise cancellation and spatial audio.

The good thing is that Google will probably start providing this feature in the Android 15 beta coming in April. So hopefully this old volume panel will soon be a thing of the past!


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