How to Set Your DP Without Cropping On WhatsApp

How to Set Your DP Without Cropping
How to Set Your DP Without Cropping

Many times whenever we want to send WhatsApp DP we need to compromise with their specific size, and if we have a larger than that we need to cut our photo and set it as our WhatsApp DP. But worry not because we are here with an application that helps you to set your DP without cropping it or without losing its quality. This is a very pretty application and must be useful as well, it helps a lot of people to share their quality DP with their contacts.

Hope you are excited about this application and want to know its name because it helps all kinds of people that use WhatsApp. Your problem has been sorting out DP of proper size because all types of images can be your WhatsApp DP with the help of this app. This fabulous application is named WhatsCropping.

Today we are discussing this application in detail and going to share our reviews about this application and give you a detailed guide on how you can use this application to maintain your proper WhatsApp DP. So if you are excited about disability and want to know more about it, then keep with us till the end so that you wouldn’t miss any single info about this app. So without getting any delay let’s start it.

What is a WhatsCropping application & How to Set Your DP Without Cropping On WhatsApp?

What’s Cropping is an application that solves your WhatsApp DP problem, because with this application you will get an opportunity to set your full-sized DP without losing its quality and without cutting it. That sounds very pretty and exciting because this is a vast problem for WhatsApp users and there is no other solution available in the market.

This wonderful application is provided by Gogone, and they have provided this application free of cost on the Google Play Store. And if you are thinking that you need high internet and huge space to manage this app then you are wrong because it is a very tiny app and needs negligible mobile data to use. This application was launched on the 31st of May 2020 and to this date, it has more than 10 lakh plus downloads on Play Store.

With this huge audience, it is very difficult to manage the quality and user experience of the applications. But this application does this as well because it manages a 4.1-star rating on Google Play Store with this huge audience scale. That’s an amazing and very good job by the creator of this application. Also, they made a very good adjustment and a compact application because it is just 3.8 MB in size.

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How to use the WhatsCropping application?

Hopefully, you have accepted the application and want to use this application to apply your favorite image to your DP. It is a very tiny process and with some simple clicks, you can do it. So follow The below steps to use what’s cropping application.

  • First of all, you need to download the latest version of WhatsCropping from the Google Play store. And it is free to download.
  • Then you need to give some permissions to use this application such as storage, gallery permission, etc.
  • Now you can select an image that you want to make as your profile picture. Then you can adjust your picture size and use it in your profile picture.
  • Also with that, there are some more features available in this application such as you can also rotate your picture, can adjust different sizes, getting a full-quality profile picture without cropping it, etc.
  • These are the above steps and some tiny features of this application. Also, there are a lot of features available in it that you can check out after using it.



Hope you get a new application on your mobile phone that helps you a lot to adjust your image into your profile picture without cropping. This is a very amazing application. We tested this application a lot, and we haven’t complained about it. Our final suggestion is that you must check out this application because it helps you to adjust different and full-size profile pictures.

Please download this application from the Google Play store and share your reviews as well so that we can also identify your views on it. Let us know in the comment section how much you love this article and about this application, you can also share your feedback as well. If you like this article then please share it with your friends and family members so that they can also find some new information that helps them a lot.



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