Instagram Has Dropped A Ton Of Updates To The Threads App On iOS

Instagram Has Dropped Updates Threads
Instagram Has Dropped Updates Threads

After a recent debut, Meta has released the first significant Instagram Threads app updates for iOS. In the most recent update from the industry leader in social networking, new features have been added that marginally improve user experience.

Earlier this month, the app’s basic user interface was released. In order to catch up to its main rival Twitter, Meta will gradually release more Instagram Threads app updates for iOS and android. Since a few years ago, Twitter has had access to the two key features that Threads will offer.

Details Of Instagram Threads App Updates For iOS

The Threads app for iOS has received a significant performance and new user experience update from Meta as part of the 292.0 version update.

The new update among the many others is the translation. The ability to translate app features was one of the most essential functions that the Threads app lacked despite being available everywhere.

This is especially important in a nation like India where each region has its own language. With the addition of this new translation feature, Threads can now continue on its amazing upward trajectory.

On the other hand another feature Follows tab to the activity feed has been introduce, this feature makes it simpler for users to remember who has recently follow them.

The follow-back process has been streamlined by this upgrade. The iOS app also now provides post text translations. For cross-posting across various geographies, this feature is crucial.

With the new notification feature, users can subscribe to unfollowed users to receive updates without having them flooding up their timelines. The update includes accessible reposter labels that users can tap, as well as other subtle interface improvements.

One of the representatives of Meta, Cameron Roth, confirm that some features will be enable server-side and might not be immediately accessible to all users. However, Roth reassured users that the update would soon be fully implement.

Why Do Threads Still Lack Some Important Features?

Threads still lacks a few key features. Users anticipate a number of features that are fairly standard for social media platforms, including a chronological feed, direct messages, and hashtags.

Users have also stated concerns about not being able to unsubscribe from Threads without also deleting their Instagram account. It is not practical for users to access Threads on their computers because there is no full-featured web version of the platform.


The quick response from Meta as major updates comes after a decline in Threads usage following an incredible initial rise. The goal of Meta’s most recent project is to keep users interested by introducing new features and building a loyal community, as Meta considers entering the European Union markets very soon.

The amount of time users spend on Meta’s Threads has decreased by 50%, according to a Sensor Tower report. The time taken has dropped from 20 minutes to about 10 minutes. Globally, the number of daily active Android phone users has decreased by more than 25%, according to a different dataset from Similarweb.

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