New iOS 17.1 will be released on October 24 with new features

iOS 17.1 released new features
iOS 17.1 released new features

Due to the excessive electromagnetic wave emissions of iPhone 12, France had temporarily stopped its sales. Thus iOS 17.1 will be released on October 24 with new features that will solve the problem and also bring some new features.

The release date for iOS 17.1 has been disclosed by France’s national frequency agency, the Agence Nationale Des Fréquences (ANFR). In response to regulators’ worries about excessive electromagnetic radiation emissions, Apple had agreed to update the iPhone 12 in France.

What did the Agence Nationale Des Fréquences (ANFR) Say About The Update?

Apple has made this update available to some customers who volunteered to test it for a few days (known as “beta testers”). All French iPhone 12 users will receive this software update, according to the company, by no later than October 24.

According to an update on the ANFR website, “Apple has developed a software update and the ANFR has validated it since it effectively makes it possible to bring the localized SAR “member” back into compliance with the regulatory limit of 4 W/kg.”

The French regulatory body added, “The marketing ban on the iPhone 12 will remain in force in France until the effective deployment of this update to the general public.”

What new features will be included in iOS 17.1?

A report from MacRumors claims that the iOS 17.1 update will include a number of new features, such as improvements to the Music app, AirDrop, and new Standby features.

1) Music app: By using the star icon, users can now give any song, album, playlist, or artist their undivided attention. The new choice will be saved to the library and enhance Apple’s recommendation.

2) New AirDrop features: Users will be able to send and receive files using the new “Out of Range” option in AirDrop even if the two devices are not in close proximity. The file transfer will be finished using Wi-Fi or cellular data as the distance between the two devices grows.

3) New Connected cards: The Wallet app will soon be able to hold debit and credit cards from a few different banks thanks to a new feature that Apple is introducing for iPhone users in the UK. The most recent transactions and card balances can be viewed by users.


In this article we discussed about iOS 17.1 will be released on October 24 with new features. On October 24, the new iOS 17.1 update will be made available, adding a number of new features and improvements to the iPhone and iPad.

The iPhone 15 Pro Action Button has undergone changes, and there is a new Apple Music favorites system, internet AirDrop support, new ways to view bank and card balances in the Wallet app, and more. A number of bug fixes and performance enhancements are also included in iOS 17.1 in addition to these new features.

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