iOS 17.4 Release Date

iOS 17.4 Release Date
iOS 17.4 Release Date

Apple has started beta testing of its iOS 17.4 update. Apple has introduced significant updates in the iPhone and App Store with the new iOS 17.4 release, in accordance with the Digital Markets Act.

The most recent Apple iOS 17.4 offers a new updated feature that will be very helpful to developers. In this article we will tell you about the iOS 17.4 release date.

About iOS 17.4 – highlights

It has been released for developers. This includes new beta OS variants macOS 14.4 Beta 2, watchOS 10.4 Beta 2 and tvOS 17.4.

Apple has introduced several updates to the App Store and iPhone with the new iOS 17.4 in accordance with the Digital Market Act in many countries. The company has released the first VisionOS 1.1 beta update for developers for the first time.

iOS 17.4 release date

According to the report, Apple is planning to release the final variant of iOS 17.4 in the first week of March 2024. Let us tell you that, according to the Digital Market Act, Apple has been directed to make some changes in the iPhone and App Store, the deadline for which has been set as March 6.

Release of iOS 17.4 some time between Friday, March 1 and Wednesday, March 6.

Features of iOS 17.4 Beta 2 update

Apple is ready to start notarization for iOS apps. Its aim will be to prevent malware, fraud, scams and harmful material. The features will also enable developers to ask Apple for additional hardware and software features.

Once this feature is available, it will be helpful for developers in EU. They can add NFC services for their banking and wallet apps. This will facilitate contactless payments without relying on wallets or Apple Pay.

iPhone users can also choose their default browser from a pop-up message in Safari. Additionally, users can also use browsers that run on different engines other than WebKit, such as Firefox or Chrome.

The 17.4 beta update will allow iPhone users to ask Siri to read messages in different languages. They can add languages in the Settings app under Siri & Search options.

With iOS 17.4, users can use alternative app stores on the iPhone. This will be the first time when iPhone users can download apps from sources rather than the App Store, for example the Epic Games Store.

Along with these features, iOS 17.4 adds stopwatch Live Activities, new emoji characters, transcripts for podcasts in the Podcasts app, support for using SharePlay with HomePod etc.

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