What Is iPhone 15 Pro Action Button?

What Is iPhone 15 Pro Action Button
What Is iPhone 15 Pro Action Button

Apple unveiled the new 15-series iPhones at its Wonderlust event. Apple, as previously rumored, has added a new action button to the place of the mute switch. But people are very curious about What Is iPhone 15 Pro Action Button?

In this article we will tell you about What Is iPhone 15 Pro Action Button? The action button on the new iPhone 15 Pro it’s functionality and usage everything will be covered.

What Is Action Button?

The noticeable feature of the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max is the Action button. It’s a brand button that can be found on these models. This button allows you to perform functions such as opening apps, launching the camera or changing the ringer mode.

You’ll find the Action button positioned above the volume buttons. Whats interesting is that you can customize it to perform any action you prefer. When you press the Action button you’ll experience a feedback, which provides a response to your actions and makes pressing it more enjoyable.

In iOS 17 Apple has also enhanced the speed of feedback. This improvement ensures that you feel the feedback swiftly after pressing the Action button making it feel more responsive.

By default on the iPhone 15 Pro the Action button serves as a toggle for switching between ringer and silent modes. Simply press this button to switch between them. Additionally actions performed using this button will also be visible in the Dynamic Island feature, on all iPhone 15 series models.

What Are The Functions Of Action Button?

The iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max now come with a side button that can be customized to perform functions. Similar to the button found on the Apple Watch Ultra this new button allows access to the camera, voice recorder or accessibility features. It even offers the option to set a shortcut for easy access.

  • Switch between the ring and silent modes.
  • Activate Focus modes.
  • Launch the camera application.
  • Toggle the flashlight, on or off.
  • Record Voice memo.
  • Initiate the Magnifier function.
  • Execute a shortcut command.
  • Utilize accessibility features.
  • Translate languages (coming soon).


In this article we discussed What Is iPhone 15 Pro Action Button? By pressing the Action Button on the iPhone 15 users now have the ability to accomplish tasks effortlessly.

This button can be customize to perform a range of actions, including switching between ring and silent mode activating Focus modes, opening the camera app or toggling the torch on or off.

The action button is a convenient feature that makes it easier for users to access their most frequently used functions. It provides a way to personalize the iPhone based on each individual’s needs and preferences.

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