iPhone 16 Models Will Now Have The Same A18 Bionic Chipset

iPhone 16 Models
iPhone 16 Models

After the official launch of the iPhone 15 series, the first iPhone 16 leaks and rumors are starting to surface online. It is rumored that iPhone 16 models will get the same A18 bionic chipset.

The iPhone 16 line-up’s chipset is the main topic of discussion, and we recently learned about potential camera upgrades for the iPhone 16 Pro. Apple might bring back the practice of using a single chipset across all models.

In this article we will tell you if iPhone 16 models will get the same A18 bionic chipset and we will also tell you about how it will impact the overall iPhone sales.

iPhone 16 Series Chipset Details Leaked

All iPhone 16 models based on TSMC’s 3nm process will be power by the upcoming A18 Bionic chipset, according to well-known analyst Jeff Pu (via Wccf Tech). This means that Apple will not continue the strategy it started with the iPhone 14 lineup of using different chipsets for the non-Pro and Pro models.

The A15 Bionic chipset, which was first introduce with the iPhone 13 series’ predecessor, was use by Apple to launch the iPhone 14 and the 14 Plus. By incorporating the A16 Bionic chipset Apple decided to feature it in only the iPhone 14 Pro models.

On the other hand both the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus were equip with the A16 Bionic chipset while the advance A17 Pro Bionic chipset, with a 3nm architecture was reserve for the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max.

How Will The A18 Chipset Be Used?

The regular iPhone 16 models are expect to use the A18 chipset while the Pro model of the iPhone 16 will feature the A18 Bionic chip. Both chipsets are based on TSMCs second generation N3E process aiming to enhance performance, efficiency and battery management compared to the N3B technology used in the A17 Pro chipset.

Thanks, to these improvements all models in the iPhone 16 lineup will see upgrades over their predecessors in the iPhone 15 lineup. This means that those who were hesitant about choosing models in the past may now have reasons to consider them!

Despite these similarities there are still differences between the two chipsets. Furthermore certain features like ProMotion display and unique camera functionalities will set apart the iPhone 16/16 Plus models from their counterparts, in the iPhone 16 Pro/16 Pro Max series.


In this article we discussed that iPhone 16 models will get the same A18 bionic chipset. It’s worth mentioning that what was mention earlier is a rumor and we don’t know for sure if Apple is really thinking about going down this path.

Since the release of the iPhone 16 is still a year away there will likely be plenty of rumors and leaks popping up each, with conflicting information. So it’s advisable to approach these details with caution and wait for information to emerge.

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