iPhone 16 Pro Leak Reveals Redesigned Battery with a Metal Shell

iPhone 16 Pro Leak
iPhone 16 Pro Leak

iPhone 16 Pro Redesigned Battery with Metal Shell Leaked: The leaked information has unveiled a battery redesign, for the iPhone 16 Pro. It showcases a metal exterior and a slight increase in capacity.

iPhone 16 Pro redesigned battery with metal shell leaked upgrades represents a departure from Apple’s standard battery design. It also holds the potential to greatly improve iPhone 16 Pro’s performance and user satisfaction.

iPhone 16 Pro Redesigned Battery with Metal Shell Leaked

There have already been a lot of leaks and rumours regarding Apple’s upcoming iPhone 16 Pro. We now have exciting details regarding the iPhone 16 Pro’s battery unit as the rumour mill starts up again.

Ming-Chi Kuo has also been discussing an improved telephoto camera for the next iPhone. KosutamiSan, an X user who was formerly on Twitter, shared the most recent leak.

The Significance of a Metal Shell Battery

The main advantage of the metal shell battery is its performance. Unlike the foil casing found in earlier iPhones the metal shell effectively disperses heat preventing overheating and maximizing battery life.

This improvement is especially important for the iPhone 16 Pro, as it is anticipated to include hardware that may produce additional heat.

iPhone 16 Pro New Battery Capacity

The iPhone 16 Pro’s battery capacity has been revealed to be 3,355mAh, or 13.02Wh at 3.88V. Compared to the current generation iPhone 15 Pro, which has a 3,274mAh battery, this represents a size increase of about 2.4%.

The Latest Successor Of A17 Chipset

The upcoming iPhone is set to feature the Apple A18 chipset replacing the already powerful A17 Pro chipset. This upgrade will enhance the battery life of the device. Additionally recent leaks have indicated that a new shell design has been implemented.

According to a source who had access, to the battery unit, the current prototype of the iPhone 16 Pro Max showcases a design, with a frosted metal shell. The leaker also mentioned some changes made to the battery connector.

We are eagerly awaiting details regarding the battery capacity of the 16 Pro Max. Rumors suggest that the larger model might have a battery size compared to its smaller counterpart.


iPhone 16 Pro Redesigned Battery with Metal Shell Leaked upgrades should be seen with ambiguity because it is a leak and could change at any time. Moreover the individual who leaked the information stated that this battery belongs to a prototype of the iPhone 16 Pro.

The release of the iPhone 16 series is expected to take place towards the end of 2024 although there’s still some time before that happens. Apple hasn’t officially confirmed the existence of this series yet.

As a result there might be modifications to the internal prototypes before the first next generation iPhone is manufactured.

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