iPhone SE 4 Design Leak: Will Design Take Inspiration from iPhone 14

iPhone SE 4 Design Leak
iPhone SE 4 Design Leak

iPhone SE 4 Design Leak: According to a report, from MacRumors there are indications that the upcoming iPhone SE 4 could draw design inspiration from the iPhone 14.

This would be a leap from the standard designs of iPhone SE 3. Which maintained the elements of the iPhone 8 including a Touch ID home button and thick bezels.

The iPhone SE 4 design leak has created speculation about major Apple’s plans. It will release the next generation iPhone SE 4 as early as next year or in 2025. The upcoming “affordable” iPhone has been the subject of rumors.

iPhone SE 4 Leaked Design

The MacRumors suggest that the upcoming iPhone SE 4 will adopt the design inspirations from the iPhone 14.

If this turns out to be true it means that the iPhone SE lineup will bid farewell to both Touch ID and the outdated design of the iPhone 8.

The leaks show smooth edges, a notch and two rear cameras positioned diagonally. It looks like a more modified design found in the iPhone 14.

While Apple has incorporated Dynamic Island into all their iPhone 15 models. This reduces the presence of a notch to some extent. It might happen that iPhone SE can choose to retain it.

iPhone SE 4 Rumored to Get Action Button, USB-C Port and much more

Keep in mind that the iPhone SE 4 might adopt a design, to that of the iPhone XR. Apple could opt for a more modern style to entice a larger number of people into buying the more affordable iPhone.

The rumors also suggest that the iPhone SE 4 will have the remappable Action Button. This was recently added in the iPhone 15 Pro models. This can be used for a variety of tasks and replaces the alert slider.

As Apple has adopted the use of USB Type-C ports on all iPhones. It is very likely that iPhone SE 4 will also have the USB Type C port.

We can even expect iPhone SE 4 to have an OLED display. There is little detail about the hardware, but we are sure that there will be major improvements.

The iPhone SE 4 needs improvements in areas like camera and battery. We don’t know the features and design of this phone. But we are sure that Apple will try to make a powerful affordable smartphone.


There have been rumors about the upcoming iPhone SE 4 Design Leak that its design inspiration is taken from the iPhone 14. This would be quite a farewell for the older models of the iPhone SE. They had a design inspiration taken from the iPhone 8.

If these rumors turn out to be true it would mean that the iPhone SE 4 would have a new design. Its features will include a larger screen display and Face ID authentication.

The iPhone SE is an affordable smartphone from Apple. Earlier it lacked design and performance but this time that might not be the case.

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