Set voice screen lock on your android phone using this app

lock screen with Voice
lock screen with Voice

If you forget the traditional PIN, pattern or fingerprint lock to lock your phone, Voice Screen Lock app is made for you! With its help, you can lock or unlock your phone with your voice. If you want to know how to Set voice screen lock then read this article till the end.

Now you don’t need to remember any complicated PIN or pattern. Just say your voice password and the phone will lock. Well, in this article we look depth Voice Screen Lock app review and see how to lock screen with Voice. Let’s Start!

Set voice screen lock on your android phone

The Voice Screen Lock app is a third-party app that replaces the lock screen for your Android phone. It allows you to unlock the phone using your voice.

You can record a specific voice command, and whenever you want to unlock the phone, just say that command.

This app is quite convenient for those who are in a hurry or who have trouble remembering the pattern or PIN. Plus, it’s a fun and high-tech way to unlock your phone.

Features of Voice Screen Lock App

Voice Screen Lock app offers many special features, let’s see-

Voice Unlock: The biggest feature of the app is that you can unlock the phone with your voice. You can record one or multiple voice passwords.

Customization: You can set the background of your choice and personalize the look of the app.

Backup and Restore: You can create a backup of your voice passwords so you can restore them if you forget them.

Security: You can also set an optional PIN or pattern lock. If voice recognition is not working or you are in a public place, you can use this PIN/pattern.

Supports Multiple Languages: This app supports multiple languages, which means you can record voice commands in the language of your choice.

How to use voice screen lock app?

Using the voice screen lock app is quite easy. Let’s see how to setup it-


  • First of all, download and install Voice Screen Lock app from Google Play Store.
  • Allow the app to access the microphone so it can record your voice.
  • Now the app will ask you to record the voice password. You speak your voice command in a quiet environment and record it.
  • You can also set a PIN or pattern lock for optional security.
  • Now activate the app as device administrator.
  • Set the app as your lock screen.
  • Now whenever you want to lock your phone, just say your voice command.

Advantages and disadvantages of this App


  • Easy and convenient
  • Secure
  • Easy Customization
  • Supports Multiple Languages


  • Does not work in noisy environments
  • Battery consumption

Here are Voice Screen lock app review. It is a good choice for those who want to unlock their phone in an easy and convenient way.

If you are looking for a secure and customizable lock screen app, this app may be suitable for you.

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