Magic Call Voice Changer app For Android users

Magic Call Voice Changer app
Magic Call Voice Changer app

There are thousands of times when we use our normal voice to talk with our friends. But that’s not very exciting and after doing a lot it looks so boring. But now you can delight your friends with today’s application. Magic Call Voice Changer app is a very awesome application and helps you a lot to enjoy with your friends as well as your family members as well. Hopefully, you are excited to read this article.

This application is awesome and works very well as well. As its name suggests, it is a voice changer app which means it can change your voice in calling. There are thousands of applications available in the market that claim to change your voice while calling but those applications are fraudulent and non-working. Today the application that we are talking about is fully trustworthy and 100% working.

So if you are excited to know about the magic Call application then keep with us till the end so that you won’t miss this app and get in trouble while using it. SO Without getting any further info let’s get back to our point.

What is a Magic Call Voice Changer app?

Magic Call is an application that changes your voice while calling. There are varieties of voice-changing options available in this application that you can use in life calling as well, for example, you can change your voice to female, cartoon, kid, dream girl, etc. Also with this application, you can add some background music while calling so that you can make a trust factor on the other person.

This wonderful magic call voice changer application is made by mobile. They offer this application free of cost on the Google Play store. This application was launched on 26 September 2022 and within just 3 months it has crossed over 1 crore plus downloads officially on the Google Play store. Now you can imagine the craze of this application in the public.

You just need Android version 5.0 or more than that to use this application. It has more than a 3.5-star rating on the Google Play store in this category. That is awesome. Also as the revenue source, they had some App purchases in this application that start from rupees 10 to 13900 per item. If you are thinking that it is too big an application and we cannot use it in a low RAM mobile then you are wrong. Because it is just 27.48 MB in size.

The magic Call application makers do a fantastic job while making this application because the user experience and comfort with this application are appreciable. Hope you are now excited about this application and want to know how you can use it. It is a very easy process to use this application and after your call will connect with your friend it will automatically change your voice and your friend will get your selected voice as a female, male, or as cartoon.

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How to use a magic call voice changer application?

To use the magic call voice changer application then you need to follow The below steps so that you wouldn’t miss any single step and get into trouble while using it.

  • First of all, you need to download the latest version of the magic Call Voice changer application from the Google Play store. It is free to download and use this application.
  • Then you need to give some permission such as mic, location, etc.
  • Then after successfully registering on this application, you will get a credit to call in a different voice.
  • Then you will get two options on the main page: one is the voice and the second is the background.
  • Then you need to select your voice in which category you want to change your voice. After that, you can select the background vocals as well, like rain, birthday, traffic, etc.
  • Then you can call and your work is done. Your voice will be automatically changed and the other person will get your selected voice.
  • After that, if your credit has been over you can refer to the credit very easily, and also you can purchase credit per month. In that, you will get 300 credits in a month for just 199 rupees.


Also, there are a variety of features available in this application that you can explore after using it. Also, the important part of this application is that you can suddenly change your voice in the live call as well, which makes it a unique and quality app than others in the market.

Final verdict

We have tested magic call voice changer applications a lot of times in recent weeks. And we wouldn’t have any problem or get any trouble while using it, Aldo we are excited and love to use this app and have done a lot of pranks with your friends with different voices. Our Final verdict is that you must check out this application and must share your reviews in the comment section so that we can understand your section as well.

Thanks for reading to learn and giving a lot of love to us, please share with your friends and family members so that they can also know a new application. I hope they want this. Thank You.


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