Mark Gurman announced MacBook Air coming with M4 chip in 2025

Mark Gurman announced MacBook Air
Mark Gurman announced MacBook Air

Many Apple users are waiting for MacBook Air, but here we have a good news for you. Recently a Bloomberg’s well-known journalist Mark Gurman announced MacBook Air coming with M4 chip in 2025. This new model is expected to come with better performance and artificial intelligence (AI) features, but there is no possibility of any significant change in its design compared to the existing models.

If you are waiting for the new MacBook Air then please wait little more because after that you will get M4 chip Mac Book Air. This model’s design may be similar to the model launched in 2022. Let’s know in details about New Mac Book Air.

Mark Gurman announced MacBook Air coming with M4 chip in 2025

According to some report, Apple is preparing to bring a new version of its MacBook Air by next year, in which it is going to install the much-awaited M4 chip.

This new model promises to provide strong performance and better artificial intelligence (AI) features, but it seems that the design of the MacBook Air is going to remain the same as the current models. Meaning you will not get to see any special new design.

What Mark Gurman said about New MacBook Air?

Since the success of the M1 chip, Apple has been constantly upgrading its in-house chips. The M2 chip was launched last year, and the M3 chip is expected to be launched by the end of this year.

According to leaks and rumors, Apple is directly skipping the M3 and focusing on the M4 chip, which can be introduced by the end of 2024.

The M4 chip can be built on a 5nm or 3nm process, making it faster and more energy-efficient.

Gurman says that the M4 chip is being designed specifically with artificial intelligence in mind. This means that the neural engine can have more cores, which will be more powerful than the 16-core neural engine of the current M3 chip.

This will greatly speed up editing photos and videos, running machine learning applications and other AI-based tasks.

MacBook Air’s M4 chip will emphasize AI

The MacBook Air is likely to get many new AI features with M4 chip. For example, AI can be used to optimize battery life.

This chip can manage programs running in the background by learning the user’s working style and thus improve battery life.

Apart from this, AI features can also be helpful in photo editing, such as automatic background removal or image enhancement.

It is also possible that Apple includes some kind of smart assistant feature in the MacBook Air, which can help users through voice commands.

However, no concrete information has been revealed about this yet. Overall, the new AI features that come with the M4 chip can completely change the way the MacBook Air is used.

MacBook Air’s Design will not change

If you were expecting any major changes in the design, then you may be a little disappointed. Gurman claims that Apple will not make any major changes in the design of the 2022 MacBook Air.

This means that you will get to see the same flat-edged design, thin and light body, notch in the bezel and Magic Keyboard.

It is believed that Apple follows a multi-year cycle for design changes. Major changes have already been made to the MacBook Air in 2022, so no major changes are expected in the design in the 2025 model.

These are only announcement done by Mark Gurman. All of this is speculative as Apple hasn’t revealed anything about the upcoming MacBook Air yet.

But if these rumors will become true then it the MacBook Air with the M4 chip could offer very fast performance while retaining the slim and stylish design that makes the MacBook series so popular.

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