Microsoft Seeing AI app made available on android

Microsoft Seeing AI app
Microsoft Seeing AI app

The news about the Microsoft Seeing AI app made available on android was officially disclose on Monday. With plans to expand to 36 languages by the end of the year, it is currently accessible on the Google Play Store and supports 18 languages.

Microsoft Seeing AI app made available on android is a huge step by Microsoft. This app was initially exclusive to iOS users only but now when it’s made available to Android users it will create a huge impact.

What Is This Seeing AI?

Seeing AI describes a person’s environment and is intend to assist the blind and low-vision impaired in performing tasks such as reading mail, recognising objects, and hearing descriptions of images. After pointing the camera on their phone and taking a picture, users will hear a description.

How Does Seeing AI Help Users?

Different categories within the app correspond to different tasks. As soon as a text appears in front of the camera, for instance, the Short Text function will read it aloud. It will identify people nearby with the People feature. Money will be identified by the Currency function as well.

By sliding your finger across the screen you can not only perceive the locations of objects but also receive detailed descriptions of the scenes captured in your photographs thanks to the innovative Scenes feature. Additionally Seeing AI possesses the capabilities of reading text and identifying various colors.

How To Download Seeing AI?

If you own an iPad or iPhone you can easily download the app now from the app store. The latest updates for both Android and iOS now allow you to inquire about details within a document, such as menu items or prices listed on a receipt.

Furthermore it provides descriptions for photos and even has the ability to summarize articles. “Customer feedback will remain crucial, for incorporating AI powered enhancements into future changes of the Seeing AI app.”

Other major technology companies like Apple and Google have also introduced products specifically designed for individuals with vision or blindness in times.

What Is Google’s Lookout App?

Google’s Lookout app enables users to utilize their phone’s camera to read documents and recognize objects. On the other hand Pixels Guided Frame feature uses feedback and audio cues to assist users in framing selfies.

For iPhone and iPad users with low vision or blindness the Door Detection feature aids in locating doors when they arrive at places. Additionally Apple’s Point and Speak functionality facilitates text label reading by pronouncing them as users point towards them.


Microsoft Seeing AI app made available on android, the app is planning to expand its reach to a wider audience and empower individuals with visual impairments to navigate the world with greater independence.

The app’s features, include object recognition, scene understanding, and document scanning, provides users with valuable insights into their surroundings, enabling them to participate more fully in daily activities.

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