Nothing confirmed to launch two new audio products on April 18

Nothing confirmed audio products
Nothing confirmed audio products

Nothing confirmed to launch two new audio products on April 18, the company recently announced this. This announcement has come at a time when everyone was speculating that the company would launch its third generation truly wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds, Nothing Ear (3).

But now company choose the other path and confirmed to launch two new audio products on April 18. However, the some of leaks and rumours is continuing even before the launch, so let us first know what information the company has given.

Nothing confirmed to launch two new audio products on April 18

Initially, it was expected that Nothing would launch its next earbuds as Nothing Ear (3), but the company has announced that it is changing its product naming strategy.

Now it wants to focus on the product itself rather than just using numbers. That’s why their new earbuds have been named Nothing Ear and Nothing Ear (a).

According to some leaks and rumors, both these earbuds are believed to come with the company’s signature transparent design. At the same time, the Nothing Ear (a) model may also come in a new vibrant yellow color variant.

Nothing’s Two new products: Nothing Ear and Nothing Ear (a)

So, let’s now find out a little more about both the products:

  1. Nothing Ear

It is believed to be an upgraded version of the Nothing Ear (2), which was launched in the year 2023.

These earbuds are believed to be designed keeping in mind “meticulous audiophiles” i.e. audiophiles who like details.

According to leaks, a new ceramic driver will be used in Nothing Ear which will be capable of delivering crisper sound and better bass frequencies.

However, no official information has been revealed about its price and specifications yet.

  1. Nothing Ear(a)

Nothing Ear (a) has been introduced as “Everyday Buds”. It is believed that these earbuds are targeting those users who are looking for an affordable and good earbud for everyday use.

According to some reports, better noise cancellation can be found in Nothing Ear (a). While 40dB noise cancellation was available in Nothing Ear 2, this figure can go up to 45dB in Nothing Ear (a).

Design and price of Nothing Ear

Nothing is known for the transparent design of its products. It will be interesting to see if the company will adopt the same design in both the upcoming models or introduce something new. So far, the company has not given any hint of design.

Talking about the price, it is difficult to say anything right now. But, Nothing Ear is considered to be the premium model of the company, so its price may be around or slightly higher than the current Nothing Ear (2).

At the same time, Nothing Ear (a) can be introduced as an affordable option, which may make its price lower than the current models.

When will Nothing launched the new Products?

We will only get answers to some questions at the launch event on April 18. For example:

Will Nothing Ear (a) really be an affordable model? Or How good will the sound and noise cancellation of Nothing Ear be? Etc.

The launch of Nothing Ear and Nothing Ear (a) can bring a big change in the audio products market. Now let’s see are these nothing’s new products right option for users or not.

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