Designs Of Nothing Phone (2) Teased Ahead of Official Launch

Nothing Phone (2) Official Launch
Nothing Phone (2) Official Launch

Designs Of Nothing Phone (2) Teased Ahead of Official Launch: Many people are excited about the upcoming release of the Nothing Phone (2). The brand is known for its fun and unique designs, and the Nothing Phone (2) revealed design is no exception.

With its transparent back and glyph lights, the Phone (2) is sure to attract attention. In this article we will tell you about designs of nothing phone (2) teased ahead of official launch. We wil also tell you about Nothing Phone (2) revealed design specifications like colour, design,camera, and much more.

Where Was Nothing Phone (2) Design Teased?

The new Nothing Phone (2) Design was teased by the YouTuber Marques Brownlee, also known as MKBHD in a Dope Tech video. While the official Nothing phone team have tweeted about the phone’s design.

When compared to the Nothing Phone from the previous year, the design changes are demonstrated in the video (1). The Glyph Interface in the device is the only thing that the video emphasizes as being new. No information about the software, other hardware specifications, or practical experience is provided.

What Has Changed In Nothing Phone 2?

Colour- The new gray color scheme and slightly rounded edges of Nothing Phone (2) are immediately noticeable. A white color option will also be offered. Although the display is still flat, the front punch-hole camera cutout is now in the middle.

Design- The LED strip design has also been updated. The LED strip that surrounds the wireless charging coil is no longer a continuous strip; it has been divided into 6 parts by Nothing.

Camera- The camera module has 33 addressable lighting zones and two distinct LED strips. With regard to the wireless charging coil, the top right light strip also has 16 zones with programmable lighting.

Glyph Lights- The Glyph lights are a lot more useful than they were in the previous version. They perform a variety of tasks, such as showing volume levels, adjusting to your set timer, displaying notifications, and even tracking the progress of your cab or online food delivery (via Uber and Zomato, respectively).

The “exclamation icon” dot and the bottom led strip still function as a charging indicator. It’s important to note that when the phone is placed face down, these features are especially helpful.

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