Record your calls without on-call voice disclaimer with the help of this ODialer app

Record your calls without on-call voice
Record your calls without on-call voice

Nowadays people use different types of dialer apps instead of the default dialer available in the phone. So that he can customize his dialer even more and can also take advantage of many different types of features. One such dialer app is O Dialer and many people want to get ODialer App Review, so that they can understand its features and benefits.

Today in this article we will do ODialer app Reviewand take a closer look at its features. So, without any further ado let’s start the article.

Record your calls without on-call voice disclaimer with the help of this ODialer app

Starting now, OnePlus, Realme, and Oppo devices running Android 12 or higher can record calls without the need for an on-call voice disclaimer. This convenience is made possible by a downloadable dialer app called ODialer, developed by Oppo’s ColorOS and released on January 16.

Currently, the app is exclusively available on the Google Play Store for users of the mentioned smartphone brands. Unlike the standard dialer apps, which trigger a voice disclaimer when call recording is activated, ODialer eliminates this requirement, providing a seamless experience.

Most Android phones come with their own default dialer applications or use the Google Phone app as the default. However, Oppo is taking a different approach by offering the ODialer app on the Google Play Store, developed by their ColorOS team.

O Dialer App Features

Here are some additional details about ODialer’s features:

Caller ID: ODialer’s built-in caller ID uses a variety of sources to identify callers, including the phone number, the caller’s name, and the caller’s location. This information is displayed on your screen when you receive a call, so you can know who’s calling before you answer.

Spam blocker: ODialer’s spam blocker uses a variety of methods to identify and block unwanted calls, including blacklists, whitelists, and real-time analysis. This helps to prevent you from receiving calls from telemarketers, scammers, and other unwanted callers.

Call recorder: ODialer’s call recorder allows you to record your calls, so you can listen to them later for reference. This is a great feature for business professionals who need to record calls for legal or compliance purposes.


Pros and Cons of ODialer App

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of ODialer:


1. It’s free to use.
2. No annoying ads.
3. The interface is clean and easy to use.
4. You can customize it according to your preferences.
5. It comes with a built-in caller ID feature.
6. There’s a spam blocker to keep unwanted calls at bay.
7. You can record your calls.


1. Some features may not be available in all countries.
2. A few users have reported that the spam blocker doesn’t always work effectively.

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