Nothing has released the Android 14 beta update for Phone 1

released nothing Phone 1
released nothing Phone 1

Nothing will release the much anticipated Nothing OS 2.5 update to a limited number of users. Nothing has released the Android 14 beta update for Phone 1, offering various new features that are expected to enhance UI and performance for the Nothing Phone.

This includes a better user interface, more customisation options as well as improved camera and volume control stability. On platform X, Nothing has announced that the Nothing OS 2.5 Open Beta is now on all Phone (1) users.

In this article we will tell you about Nothing has released the Android 14 beta update for Phone 1. We will also cover all the features of this update and how you can check for availability.

What’s new in Nothing OS 2.5?

Nothing’s community page states that customisation and user interface are the main priorities of the most recent Nothing OS 2.5. It gives their device a new look with new solid color wallpapers and a monochrome color scheme. Along with improved lock screen shortcut and screenshot functionality, the update also adds more gesture support.

Beyond aesthetics, Nothing OS 2.5 offers increased camera stability, resulting in a more clear and smooth photography experience. Improved volume controls and additional Quick Settings layout options are also available to users.

Nothing OS 2.5 availability And How To Download It?

Users of the Nothing Phone 2 have access to the stable OS running on Android 14, while users of the Nothing Phone 1 can only access the beta version of Nothing OS 2.5.

The open beta phase, which took place between October 11 and December 15 concluded with the launch of the version. To try out the version of Nothing OS 2.5 users can. Install the APK file provided by Nothing from their forum post.

Start by navigating to Settings > System > Upgrade to Beta Update. If your phone already has the version of Nothing OS installed you can easily install the OTA update, for Nothing OS 2.5, like any other regular update.


In this article we discussed that Nothing has released the Android 14 beta update for Phone 1. These updates have raised speculations regarding the release of the replacement for Nothing Phone 2. Prior to this, Nothing disclosed intentions to hold a gathering at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) on February 27, 2024.

It is speculated that the company may make official announcements about Nothing Phone 2a during this event, which is one of the upcoming products that it may introduce. The business has, however, continued to tightly conceal the specifics of this much awaited smartphone.

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