Republic Day AI image: How to create special photos of your name

Republic Day AI image
Republic Day AI image

Nowadays, the trend of uploading photos made from AI is going on on social media. You must have seen some AI-birthted pictures of digital avatars, in which they are sitting on a winged chair and have also written their names in the background.

All this is happening nowadays with the help of Bing AI Image Creator. You can also make an AI image of your digital avatar for free by using it. For this, you just have to put a prompt in it.

How to create special photos of your name on Republic Day?

There are many different AI image generator tools available which allow to create image of your name, some of which are free and some are to be paid.  Some popular options include:

  • Bing Image Creator
  • Openai’s Imagen
  • Google Ai’s Imagen
  • Innocent ai’s bard

By using these tools, you can easily create special photos of your name on Republic Day or any other occasion. Today we are going to create image by using Bing Image Creator. Because this is the free tool and it created by Microsoft.

How to use Bing Image Creator to Create AI Image?

The Bing Image Creator can be accessed from its website or from the Bing Mobile App or Microsoft Copylot app. Whether you use any platform, first you have to sign in from your Microsoft account, and then you can enter the text prompt to make your images.

To celebrate Republic Day, you have to follow the following steps to create AI Image:

Apply Link

  • First of all, visit the website of Bing Image Creator.
  • Now add Prompt while describing the type of photo you want to make. Some AI Prompt are given below, which copy and write your name instead of the name and paste it in the website.
  • Now click on the “Join & Create” button and sign up with one of your Google or Microsoft account.
  • Now AI generated four photos will appear in front of you. You can download what you like and share it on your social media account.
  • If you copy the Prompt from this website, then one thing has to be kept in mind that in the Prompt, you must enter your name instead of the name.

26 January Republic Day AI Image Prompts

Here are some prompts for some 26 January i.e. Republic Day, which you can create a photo of your name by clicking on the copy button below.

First Prompt:

A realistic 20 -year -old beautiful boy who is wearing a Tricolor Shirt, with the name “Bhanu”, and he is holding the national flag of India. The word “Happy Republic Day” is written on the poster above the road with Ballon, Chandelier, Holographic Pictures.

Second Prompt:

An 18 -year -old girl who is wearing a Tricolor Dress, which is written with the name “Priya”, and she stands with the soldiers who protect India. The word “Happy Republic Day” is written in the background.

Third Prompt:

A 25 -year -old youth who is wearing a Tricolor Blazer, with the name “Amit”, and is paying tribute to the heroes of India’s freedom struggle. The word “Happy Republic Day” is written with the national flag.

These are some promises to make photos from Bing AI Image Creator for 26 January. With which you can create AI image for Republic Day. Then you can surprise friends by sharing these photos on your Facebook, Instagram or other social media handle.

Share this article with your friends and tell them about it too, so that they too can make this day memorable by making their photos on this occasion.

Some Suggestions to create AI Image

  • You can use the prompt of your choice to make your photo.
  • You can also change background, name, and other details in your photo.
  • After downloading your photo, you can share it on the social media handle of your choice.

Bing AI Image Creator is a very useful tool with the help of which you can create an AI image of your desired digital avatar. You can also make a special photo for Republic Day using this tool.

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