+ WARP: Safer Internet App Review

Safer Internet App Review
Safer Internet App Review

In today’s digital age, most of us are connected to the Internet. And every day we surf something or the other on the internet. But your Internet connection may not be as secure as you think? In such times, + WARP: Safer Internet app can help you. + WARP is a great way to improve your online security and privacy. It can also improve the speed of your Internet connection. Let’s do + WARP: Safer Internet App Review and know how this app can be useful for you and how to use it.

What is is a free DNS (Domain Name System) service provided by Cloudflare. It acts as an intermediary between your device and the Internet. When you try to access a website, your device first contacts a DNS server.

This DNS server translates the website’s domain name (like [invalid URL removed]) into its actual IP address. Your device can then connect to the website using that IP address.

What is WARP?

WARP is another service from Cloudflare that works in conjunction with It enhances your privacy and security by encrypting your Internet traffic and blocking potentially dangerous websites.

To put it simply, WARP adds an extra security layer that protects you from people trying to steal your data or monitor your online activities.

How does + WARP App works?


  • You install the app on your device (it’s available for both Android and iOS).
  • The app automatically sets as your device’s DNS server.
  • When you use the Internet, your traffic first goes to servers
  • Servers translate domain names into IP addresses.
  • If you enable WARP, your traffic will pass through Cloudflare’s secure tunnels.
  • This tunnel encrypts your data, making it difficult for others to read.

Additionally, WARP blocks potentially dangerous websites, protecting you from malware and phishing attacks.

Pros and Cons of + WARP App


  • WARP encrypts your Internet traffic.
  • It enhanced Privacy.
  • WARP can sometimes speed up your Internet connection.
  • Very easy to Use.


  • WARP may not work with some websites and Apps.

How to download + WARP: Safer Internet App?

You can download this app by following these given Steps-:

  • Open the Play Store app on your device.
  • In the search bar at the top of the screen, type “”.
  • On the app details page, press the “Install” button. You may be asked to grant permission to install the app. If yes, tap “Allow”.
  • Play Store will now start downloading the + WARP app. Once the download is complete, the app will be installed automatically.
  • After the install is complete, you can press the “Open” button to open the app directly from the Play Store.

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