Samsung Galaxy A72 getting Android 14 update: A New Year Gift From Samsung To Its Users

Samsung Galaxy A72
Samsung Galaxy A72

Samsung Galaxy A72 getting Android 14 update: The Galaxy A72 was Samsung’s most expensive mid-range smartphone in 2021 and was launched with Android 11. However, this flagship has received a major Android 14 update, this will be the final significant OS update for the phone.

Russia is the first nation to receive the update, but other nations should see it in a few days. In this article we will tell you about Samsung Galaxy A72 getting Android 14 update.

Galaxy A72 gets Android 14 with One UI 6.0

Android 14 update for the Galaxy A72 is characterized by Firmware version A725FXXU6EWL4. December’s security patch which is relatively new is also included in this update One UI 6.0.

For downloading the large update that has an approximately size of 2GB, we recommend using a Wi-Fi network. Open the Settings app, tap Software update and choose Download and install to see if your Galaxy A72 has received the latest update.

This approach will involve manually flashing the new firmware file. This would entail you to download our latest firmware file (which includes the above mentioned firmware version number) from our database, save all your important data in a safe location, then flash it manually through the Odin tool using a Windows OS computer.

This method requires extensive knowledge about flashing firmware. With Android 11 pre-installed, Samsung introduced Galaxy A72 in 2021. During late 2021 and late 2022, Android versions 12 and 13 were rolled out on the device respectively.

It may receive the One UI 6.1 update, which will launch with the Galaxy S24 series later this month, in addition to Android 14, which is its final major OS update.

Samsung’s One UI 6.0 features for the Galaxy A72

According to the official changelog, Android 14’s One UI 6.0 update introduces some fresh features and improved designs for the Galaxy A72. It comes with a larger album art display when media is running, completely new Quick Panel layout and ability to swipe down from the top right corner of the screen to get full Quick Panel layout instant access.

These are some of the changes that have been made:

  • Moreover, the update improved notification layout and design slightly. Also, it is possible to sort notifications over time.
  • Additionally, the clock widget on lock screen can be styled further besides being repositioned as desired.
  • The name “Samsung” has been removed from app labels in the app drawer and on the home screen of Samsung devices.
  • A brand-new two-hand gesture makes it possible to pick and move multiple files or items from one location to another.
  • The application pop-up window remains open as you navigate to Recent Apps on your phone’s screen.

Major Changes In One UI 6.0

One UI 6.0 brought about a change in appearance for all emojis by Samsung. Image previews will appear at the top of Share Menu whenever images are shared from any other app enabling you to double check your choices before sharing them.

The stock weather app now has a new Weather Insights widget, including wind direction, visibility distance, atmospheric pressure, dew point, moon phase and times shown in additional data.

By swiping across the map you can find out about the weather in different places. Moreover it provides for a more modern look of its graphical user interface (GUI).

Changes In Camera

Moreover, there’s an easier to use and more intuitive design of the Camera app. The resolution can be easily changed; other watermarks are available; swipe feature for front and back camera toggle can also be disabled.

It also comes with a level indicator; a new Custom Camera widget and simpler way of applying camera filters. Edit suggestions are given by Image details part of the Gallery app that is instant.

Also when changing the story view you can click on thumbnails to add or remove images or videos from the Story. By means of the two-hand drag-and-drop gesture within the Gallery app select multiple images and videos located in an album or folder then move them to another place.

Changes In Photo Editor

The built-in photo editor has an improved arrangement format which contains larger controls and options for undoing several steps along with redoing them, capacity to adjust decoration after saving image plus new text backgrounds and styles inserted.

Timelines and drafts are now supported by Samsung Studio, the new name for the built-in Video Editor. Improved controls and playback speed options are available for the integrated video player.

A New Customized Samsung Health

Custom water cup sizes and an enhanced look and feel are features of the Samsung Health. With the help of two-hand gestures, users can move events from one date and time to another using the Calendar app, which also shows upcoming events and entries in chronological order.

Other Improved Features

  • More categories for reminders, an enhanced home screen, all-day reminders, and additional options (like taking pictures) when creating reminders are all available in the updated Reminders app.
  • The ability to play videos in the background and move bookmarks between folders with two hands is now available on Samsung Internet.
  • From the Finder section, you can find Quick Actions for apps, extract text from pinned content, and switch from voice calls to Bixby Text Call while on the phone.
  • Additional Modes and Routines settings/options are available, such as altering the lock screen’s appearance, initiating a routine while an app plays media, and adjusting the keyboard’s settings.
  • With its updated intelligence, Aeroplane Mode now leaves Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled unturned. Passkeys can now be used with Samsung Pass.
  • There is now a direct listing for Battery settings in the Settings app. The Digital Wellbeing app has been redesigned with an expanded weekly view that displays additional statistics.

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