Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Might Finally Get a Titanium Frame

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Titanium Frame: One of the lineups that people are eagerly looking forward to from the company is the Galaxy S24 series. As a result there are always rumors circulating about it. One particular aspect that has sparked some debate is related to the phones bodies and frames.

A recent rumor suggests that we might get a new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Titanium Frame. These rumors mentioned a possibility for the entire S24 Series.

S24 Ultra Might Have the First Titanium Frame by Samsung

The Elec relays the rumor through its unidentified sources. There are many rumors spreading about the S24 Ultra. One report confirmed that the S24 Ultra phone will get the first titanium frame.

According to The Elec, the business may “expand the application depending on reception.” In contrast to the S23 Ultra series, the titanium frame of the Samsung S24 Ultra is probably not going to have an impact on the device’s total weight.

That being said, the phone’s build quality would benefit greatly from a titanium build. Even though the Titanium build of the iPhone 15 Pro Max has generated debate. The material can be utilized to improve the build quality of the device.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Titanium Build Challenges

Remember that the 15 Pro Max is also not made entirely of titanium, it is like a blend. Furthermore, there have been some questionable leaks about Samsung’s next flagship device receiving a “Titanium” build.

It is therefore crucial that we control our expectations. It is accurate to say that titanium is present in Apple’s current flagship phone.

In order to make their flagship S24 Ultra stand as tall as the iPhone 15 Pro Max, Samsung may be seriously considering doing the same.

Producing a smartphone body from this material presents several difficulties, not the least of which is its increased expense. When Samsung formally discusses its upcoming lineup, we will have more information.


In this article we discussed Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Titanium Frame. While it remains uncertain whether the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will indeed feature a titanium frame the rumors circulating are quite promising.

If Samsung does opt for this change it would signify a mega upgrade, from the aluminum frames utilized in Galaxy S flagship models.

Titanium makes for a material choice when it comes to smartphone frames due to its durability, strength and resistance, to dents and scratches compared to aluminum.

Moreover given its weight compared to steel it could potentially contribute to reducing the weight of the S24 Ultra.

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