Spotify To Remove Few Features For Free Users In India.

Spotify To Remove Few Features
Spotify To Remove Few Features

Spotify, a popular music streaming service, is currently removing some features for free users that were previously accessible to all in an effort to convince users to purchase the Premium plan.

The effects of the decision have already been seen In India. In this article we will tell you about Spotify To Remove Few Features For Free Users In India, and also how it would affect you.

Spotify Free Users Won’t Get These Features Anymore

It has been made clear that those using Spotify for free won’t be able to access features like playing a song over and over or skipping to a particular part of it. The order of the playlists cannot be change now.

The ability to shuffle songs is unavailable to free users. Instead, people can now receive song recommendations through the Smart Shuffle feature, which is now available (by default), based on their preferences in music and their usage of music streaming services.

According to reports, the Spotify app has these changes implemented. In order to inform users of the change, Spotify is also sending in-app updates.

Many music streaming services do this to entice more subscribers, but since these features are fairly standard and available on all of them, Spotify’s decision might not go over well.

Alternatives to Spotify Application

People might decide to switch to other applications as a result, such as YouTube Music. Some individuals won’t even mind upgrading to Spotify Premium.

For those who don’t know, the individual subscription plan costs Rs 119 per month and offers group sessions, 10K song downloads per device, and ad-free music.

It can be use on up to 5 different devices. Additionally, there is a Family plan for Rs 179 per month and a Duo plan for Rs 149. A Mini plan is available as well and costs Rs 7 per day.

Spotify provides exclusive student discounts and is currently giving away a single Premium subscription for free for one month. The free trial is therefore available for those who want to upgrade.


In this article we discussed Spotify To Remove Few Features For Free Users In India. The decision by Spotify to stop offering some features to free users in India has generated some controversy.

Others are supporting the company’s decision to make money, while some users are upset about losing access to features they have been using for free. It is unclear how this choice will affect Spotify’s Indian user base.

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