The launch of iPhone 16: Looking at Apple’s 2024 Plans

The launch of iPhone 16
The launch of iPhone 16


  • The launch of iPhone 16
  • IPHONES IN 2024: IOS 18

The launch of iPhone 16: Over fifty percent of Apple’s revenue still comes from their flagship product, the iPhone. As a result, that makes Apple’s Fiscal Year 2023 Sales revenue to be over $383 billion in which the iPhone accounted for 52%.

This means that any projections made concerning this year would most likely revolve around iPhones. However, it is obvious that it will be very hard for Apple to top the previous generation of iPhones, such as the iPhone 15.

Early rumors suggest that the launch of iPhone 16 in 2024. Although the fall release of the iPhone 16 is anticipated to be the most significant iPhone announcement of the upcoming year, there may be other updates regarding Apple’s phone business.

The launch of iPhone 16: Looking at Apple’s 2024 Plans

Here’s a look at the upcoming year for the iPhone, arranged chronologically based on when announcements are expected to occur:


The iPhone won’t probably be Apple’s first major product release of the year. The Apple Vision Pro, a spatial computing headset that the company unveiled at the Worldwide Developer Conference in June, is anticipated to launch in February 2024, according to Apple watchers.

Despite the possibility that the Apple Vision Pro represents a completely new product category for the business, we anticipate some integrations with the current lineup of Apple smartphones. The first is that spatial video can be captured for optimal viewing on the Vision Pro by iPhone 15 Pro models running iOS 17.2.

Video captured with the iPhone 15 Pro’s ultrawide and main lenses is combined to create spatial video. Although it appears like any other video when viewed on your iPhone, those who have watched their own spatial videos played back on the Apple Vision Pro report that using the headset creates a more immersive experience because of the added depth that gives you the impression that you are actually in the scene.

We wonder if more connections to Apple’s iPhones will be highlighted with the release of the Apple Vision Pro. If nothing else, we anticipate learning about popular iPhone apps that have been optimised for use with Apple’s new headset and released as visionOS versions.

What we want to hear is more about iPhone apps that have been popularized for Apple’s new headset and released as visionOS versions. The company claims that in the event of non-availability, ordinary iOS and iPadOS applications should work fine with the Apple Vision Pro.


The iPhone SE has had two spring releases of new iterations this decade; one in 2020 and another in 2022 for even years. In this case, there is a possibility of it launching in 2024 as an addition to its number.

Since they were just starting out on 5G, Apple wanted a model that would connect to the faster cellular network, it quickly put out a new version of the iPhone SE 2022 soon after the release of the 2020 model.

Meanwhile Google and Samsung both have better midrange models than Apple (Pixel 7a and Galaxy A54 respectively), therefore there isn’t as much motivation to come up with a new one after two years.

However, the rumors that have been flying around do not indicate that the iPhone SE 4 will be released in 2024. Contrary to his earlier reports of a pause on work involving the iPhone SE, Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst said that the new model would probably be launched in 2025.

When it comes out, we think iPhone SE will have a more modern design instead of the old one from iPhone 8. The reason for this rumor quite possibly because it is expected to look like an iPhone 14.

It means if the release takes place in autumn 2025, then Apple would have to make sure that its latest SE can run on its top silicon at that moment which should be one of the chips from recently unveiled A18 family.

There is also a possibility of upgrading to a 48MP sensor for iPhone SE’s single camera . It might surprise us with a debut in Spring 2024 but that would most likely be March or April. However, we believe apple is going to wait till fall before they release any new phone hardware.

3. IPHONES IN 2024: IOS 18

We should expect film footage specific to iPhones during WWDC 2024 unless there is no iPhone SE by then. Usually held in June by Apple, that developer conference. There, Apple gives an audience of app developers a sneak peek at the year’s biggest software releases; we expect iOS 18 to take centre stage.

Initial information about iOS 18 has surfaced, indicating that the main feature of this year’s iPhone software update will be artificial intelligence. It is specifically possible that Apple will incorporate generative AI into iOS 18 as a more advanced Siri-like chatbot.

A simple voice command would enable this virtual assistant to complete more complicated tasks. Moreover, we might witness capabilities like picture creation and text summarization, which are currently fairly common in AI models. A noteworthy aspect of Apple’s AI initiatives with iOS 18 is that phones manufactured after 2024 will be capable of running AI functions entirely on the device.

The cloud might be the only resource available to older iPhones. As a consequence, the iPhones that Apple releases later in the autumn would have faster AI performance. As per Apple’s custom, a public beta of iOS 18 will be released a few weeks following the developer conference, with an iOS 18 preview scheduled for June at WWDC 2024.

Up until the iPhone 16’s autumn release, that beta would be updated throughout the summer. Although it hasn’t yet been announced which phones will run iOS 18, Apple usually stops supporting its phones after five years. The 2018 iPhone models, the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max, will no longer receive updates.


According to rumors, iPhone 12 as a standard model and the 6.7 inch plus model will retain their Iphone Pro features even after Apple had released the expensive models one year before. The new features for the iPhone 15 included a 48MP primary camera and Dynamic Island that replaced the notch.

It seems like this time around the Action button that debuted in iPhone 15 Pro is right on its way to iPhone 16. The mute switch has been swapped out with a button that can be set to trigger specific shortcuts.

In addition to above mention redesign of camera array (the vertical stacked cameras are superior in capturing spatial video as compared to the current diagonal design), a report shows that a built-in microphone within an iPhone 16 is getting some upgrades aimed at optimizing upcoming AI features.

The most encouraging rumour is Apple stopping its tradition of splitting up chipsets whereby every ordinary IPhone consistently utilizes older silicon from last year’s Pro models.

However, it is likely that Apple will use A18 chipsets for all iPhone 16 versions, with pro models possibly featuring more powerful A18 versions. It is unlikely that the iPhone 16 will include a fast-refreshing display. It is said that Apple will wait until the iPhone 17 to use the LTPO panels that enable this feature.


The iPhone 16 Pro seems to be taking after iPhone 15 Pro Max by incorporating a telephoto lens with a tetra prism design, increasing the camera’s zoom length to 5x. The news also coincides with the possibility that standard iPhone 16 could include more Pro features.

Apple may have plans to upgrade the current 12MP ultrawide camera on both the iPhone 16 Pro and the iPhone 16 Pro Max as it will result into adding 48MP ultrawide camera sensors in both devices. This year’s pro phones might have a new Capture button just like the current models had an Action button added.

It is not clear what exactly comprises these features but if there was a Capture button as well, it would be easier to open your iPhone Camera app and start video shooting. After years of having 6.1- and 6.7-inch displays, the line up of iPhone Pro models might have larger screens.

Rumors point to the iPhone 16 Pro having a 6.3-inch panel while the Pro Max should have a screen measuring at least 6.9 inches across its diagonal. If confirmed, it would simply mean another possible separation between regular iPhones and their pro counterparts.


Apple might introduce an Ultra version of the iPhone in its fall 2024 lineup according to rumors. These rumors started circulating before the release of the iPhone 15 suggesting that Apple would launch an expensive model compared to its entry level smartwatch.

The potential arrival of the iPhone 16 Ultra has generated interest as a replacement, for the iPhone 16 Pro Max. Bloombergs Mark Gurman mentioned that Apple could release an iPhone Ultra in 2024 although its still speculative at this point.

However considering the lack of rumors about the iPhone 16 Ultra far (especially when compared to numerous rumors, about the iPhone 16 Pro Max) it seems unlikely that we will see an Ultra model in 2024.


There have been rumors, about the iPhone Flip, a phone that may be released in the future. It seems that Apple is working on a phone with a screen, which they plan to launch at some point.

Initially analysts predicted that Apple would introduce their device in 2024. However according to known Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo this perspective has changed. Kuo described a release date for an iPhone as early as 2025 suggesting it could be a combination of an iPad and an iPhone or even just a foldable iPad.

Like the iPhone 16 Ultra, the iPhone Flip is another device that is currently only based on rumors. If there isn’t more buzz, about it in the year it might be wise to put it on the burner for now.

Additionally, you can understand if Apple decides to postpone any surprise device launches for the time being given that a major iOS update and four new iPhone models are almost definitely in the works for 2024.


Q. What is the iPhone 2024 model called?
Answer. The iPhone 16 Pro is anticipated to go on sale in September 2024, but ahead of the anticipated release of the iPhone 15 models later this year, leaks have already begun to surface.

Q. Is the new iPhone 16 out?
Answer. Similar to previous iPhone releases, Apple is anticipated to reveal and launch the iPhone 16 lineup in the autumn of 2024. It’s likely that the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro models will be released in September, barring any unforeseen circumstances. This was the case in 2020, when the iPhone 12 was released in October.

Q. What is the cheapest iPhone in 2024?
Answer. Before the year 2024 begins, the price of the iPhone 15 is at an all-time low. As of this writing, Apple’s most recent iPhone is available for less than Rs 75,000 and comes with no restrictions. Of course, if you combine bank and exchange offers with the deal, you can receive additional discount(s).

Q. Will iPhone 16 look different?
Answer. Some minor design changes, such as the addition of the Action button and vertical cameras, are anticipated for the base iPhone 16. More details about possible improvements to the base models are still coming in, but this time, prototypes might have shown us what the finished product might look like.

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