How to Unpair Apple Watch

unpair Apple Watch with iPhone
unpair Apple Watch with iPhone

There are times with Apple users that they need to unpair their Apple Watch from their iPhone. But Apple users don’t understand how to unpair Apple Watch? However, there can be many reasons for unpairing an Apple Watch such as – for troubleshooting purposes, to sell your device or just for a fresh start, etc.

If you want to know the process of unpairing Apple Watch with and without iPhone, then definitely stay with us till the end in this article. In this article, we will give you information about unpairing and erasing Apple Watch.

How to unpair Apple Watch with iPhone?

If you have your iPhone handy, unpairing your Apple Watch is a straightforward process. Here’s how you can do it:

1: Ensure that your Apple Watch and iPhone are in close proximity.

2: Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

3: Click on the “My Watch” tab located at the bottom of the screen.

4: Select your Apple Watch from the list of devices.

5: Tap on the “i” icon next to your Apple Watch.

Apple Watch

6: Click on the “Unpair Apple Watch” option.

7: Tap on the name of your Apple Watch.

8: For GPS + Cellular models, decide whether you want to keep or remove your cellular plan.

  • If you plan to pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone again, choose to keep your plan.
  • If you don’t intend to pair your Apple Watch with another device, select to remove your plan. If necessary, contact your carrier to cancel your cellular subscription.

9: Enter your Apple ID password to disable Activation Lock, and then tap on the Unpair option.

10: Before erasing all content and settings on your Apple Watch, your iPhone automatically creates a new backup of your watch. This backup can be used to restore a new Apple Watch if needed. Once the unpairing process is complete, you will see the Start Pairing message.

At this point, you can either set up your Apple Watch again or power it off if you’re planning to sell or give it away.

Once the unpairing process is complete, your Apple Watch will be disconnected from your iPhone, and you’ll have the option to set it up as a new watch or pair it with another iPhone.

How to unpair Apple Watch without iPhone

In some cases, you might need to unpair your Apple Watch without having your iPhone nearby. Here are two methods you can use:

Method 1: Unpairing through Apple Watch settings

1. On your Apple Watch, go to the Home screen by pressing the Digital Crown.

2. Open the “Settings” app.

3.Tap on “General”.

4. Scroll down and select “Reset”.

5. Choose “Erase All Content and Settings”.

6. If prompted, enter your password.

7. For GPS + Cellular models, you have the option to retain or remove your cellular plan.

8. If you intend to pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone again, it is recommended to keep your plan.

9. If you do not plan to pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone again, you can remove your plan. However, if you do not intend to pair with a different watch or iPhone, it may be necessary to contact your carrier and cancel your cellular subscription.

10. To confirm, tap on “Erase All.” This action will restore your Apple Watch to its original factory settings.

11. You can now proceed with setting up your Apple Watch again. Make sure you have the Apple ID and password associated with the watch to turn off Activation Lock.

Method 2: Unpairing using the Find My app

  • Visit and sign in using your Apple ID.
  • If prompted, enter your Apple ID password.
  • Click on the Find My icon and select your Apple Watch from the drop-down menu under “All Devices.”
  • Choose the Erase Apple Watch option.
  • A pop-up menu will appear. Click on Erase.
  • Enter your Apple ID password once again.
  • On your Apple Watch, you will receive a notification with a verification code. Tap on Allow.
  • Enter the received passcode on the iCloud website. This will successfully remove the Activation Lock from your Apple Watch.

Method 3: Unpairing Apple Watch manually

If you are unable to use the previous methods, you can manually unpair your Apple Watch. Here’s how:

  1. Put your Apple Watch on its charger.
  2. Press and hold the side button until the Power Off slider appears.

3. Force touch the Power Off slider.

4. Tap on “Erase All Content and Settings”.

5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the unpairing process.

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