How To Update Your Aadhar Card Online?

Update Aadhar Card Online
Update Aadhar Card Online

How To Update Your Aadhar Card Online: The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) requests that if an individual has not updated their Proof of Identity (PoI) or Proof of Address (PoA) documents for the last ten years, they should update it by March 14, 2024.

In order to update the Aadhaar card documents, there will be a reduction in Aadhaar-related fraud and accurate demographic details will be availed.

In this article we will tell you How To Update Your Aadhar Card Online? If you have an Aadhar card, you have to update your proof of identity and address documents every ten years from the date of Aadhaar enrollment.

What Is The Last Date To Update Your Aadhaar?

Free update of your aadhar card for individuals will end on 14th March 2024 at myAadhaar portal. From March 14, 2024 onwards people will be required to pay to renew their identification proofs and addresses for their Aadhaar cards.

Due to public acclaim, UIDAI prolonged its online facility where people can update their Aadhaar Card Document at free cost from December 14th 2023 up till March 14th 2024. Consequently, until March 14, 2024, the myAadhaar portal will continue to offer the free online update feature for Aadhaar card documents.

What Is The Fee For Aadhaar Card Update?

Until March 14 2024 there is no charge, for updating your Aadhaar card using the myAadhaar portal. However if you choose to update your card offline at an Aadhaar center there will be a fee of Rs. 50.

It’s important to note that starting from March 14 2024 if you wish to update your Aadhaar card documents through the myAadhaar portal, a fee of Rs. 25 will be applicable.

Documents Required To Update Aadhaar Card

To make changes to the information, on your Aadhaar card you need to submit the required documents through the myAadhaar portal. Please upload a document that serves as proof of your identity choosing one from the following options:

  • Passport
  • Driver’s license
  • PAN card
  • Voter ID
  • Government-issued ID cards, such as domicile certificates, resident certificates, labour cards, Jan-Aadhaar
  • Marksheet
  • Marriage certificate
  • Ration card

How To Update an Aadhaar Card For Free?

The following procedures can help you in updating your proof of identity and proof of address documents on the e-Aadhaar portal at no cost:

Step 1: Go to the e-Aadhaar portal.

Step 2: Choose “Login”. Type your Aadhaar number and captcha code, click “Send OTP”. When you enter the one time password, press the “Login” button.

Step 3: Choose “Document Update”.

Step 4: Click on the “Next” button after going through the guidelines.

Step 5: In that box on Verify Your Demographic Details page, select ‘I verify that above details are correct’, then click next.”

Step 6: After selecting  submit the ‘Proof of Identity’ and ‘Proof of Address’ documents imported.

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Step 7: You will have a Service Request Number (SRN) in your email. From SRN, you can track document update status. Within seven working days, your Aadhaar card details will be updated.

How To Update Aadhaar Card Address Online?

If the name, address, date of birth and mobile number provided here match those given on your Aadhar card; you should update your Aadhar card documents. In case there is an inconsistency between information on the Aadhaar card and those in identity or address verification documents; initially update Aadhaar Card Details followed by updating Aadhaar Card Proof Documents.

The procedures listed below can be used to update the address on your Aadhaar card online. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Begin by visiting the myAadhaar portal.
  2. Click on the “Login” button. Once you’re, on the login page enter the captcha code and your Aadhaar number. Then click on “Send OTP”. After receiving the OTP enter it. Select “Login”.
  3. Look for. Select the option labeled “Address Update”.
  4. On the page. Click on “Update Aadhaar Online”.
  5. Take a moment to read through the guidelines provided then proceed by clicking on “Proceed to Update Aadhaar”.
  6. Choose the option for updating your address and continue by clicking on “Proceed to Update Aadhaar”.
  7. Enter your address details as required, upload any proof of address documents then click on ‘Next’.
  8. Review all of the details you’ve provided for accuracy, complete any required fee payment process if applicable and finally submit your request by clicking ‘Submit’.

To update your address, on the e-Aadhaar portal you do not need to make a payment. If you are facing problems to update your information and other personal details such as name, gender, date of birth, email address and phone number you can even visit the nearest Aadhaar center.

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