How to Use iPhone’s iMessage Contact Key Verification

Use iPhone's iMessage Contact
Use iPhone's iMessage Contact

How to Use iPhone’s iMessage Contact Key Verification: Apple recently launched an update of iOS designed for developers to test. This update brings along a brand security feature termed as iMessage Contact Key Verification.

This addition proves handy for individuals who exchange important information via iMessage. The new feature ensures that their messages reach the intended recipient only.

In this article we will tell you about How to Use iPhone’s iMessage Contact Key Verification. We will also provide a step by step guide to use this feature.

What is iMessage Contact Key Verification?

The iMessage Contact Key Verification is specifically designed for individuals who encounter data theft risks, such as government officials, journalists, high networth individuals and celebrities.

To make sure that you are talking to the person and no one else is eavesdropping on your iMessage chats iMessage users can utilize the Contact Code Verification feature. According to Apple this feature is designed to prevent hackers from pretending to be someone else.

When it comes to iMessage there are three steps, for verifying your contacts:

  • When having conversations or adjusting Apple ID settings if both people have activated Contact Key Verifications they will receive notifications, about any validation errors or issues.
  • Users who use iMessage Contact Key Verification can also use this code in person through FaceTime or during another call for enhanced security measures.
  • Furthermore to enable iMessage Contact Key Verification, for an user individuals have the choice to include, edit and save a key associated with that contact.

Requirements to Use iPhone’s iMessage Contact Key Verification

Make sure of the following before moving forward:

  • Currently the Contact Key Verification feature is only supported on iOS 17.2 Beta, watchOS 10.2 Beta and macOS 14.2 Beta operating systems. Therefore it’s important to ensure that your device is running a version of Apple software.
  • To use Contact Key Verification it’s necessary to update all your devices associated with your Apple ID to iOS 17.2 macOS 14.2 or watchOS 10.2 Beta.
  • If you want to continue using your devices you have two options- either you remove the older devices from your iCloud account or sign out of iMessage on each one.

How to Turn on iPhone iMessage Contact Key Verification

Here we will tell you how to use iMessage Contact Key Verification on an iPhone-

  • Open the settings app on you iPhone and fill up your name.
  • Then select Contact Key Verification option in the bottom.
  • Then select the iMessage Verification toggle.
  • Simply click on the Continue button in the next screen.
  • You can update or log out of iMessage on each device if you’ve added more than one to your iCloud account.
  • You can even delete devices from your account by tapping on Remove Devices in Settings.
  • After completing the requirements, your iPhone will enable Contact Key Verification.
  • After that click on the “Display Public Verification Code” option.
  • Just simply tap on it to get the verification code. It is an 8-digit code that is specific to your account.
  • You can then share it with others for them to confirm they are the one messaging you.

How iMessage Is Used Contact Verification of Keys

Here we will tell you how to use iMessage Contact Key Verification to validate your contacts after enabling it:

  • To verify the contact you want to communicate with you have two options; starting a conversation or opening an existing one.
  • If your contact has disabled contact verification you will see an alert in the conversation.
  • To confirm the contact go to the top of the screen. Select their name and scroll down to choose “Verify Contact.” Ask your contacts to do the same.
  • Both iPhones involved will now display a code, for contact verification. Request your contacts to share that code with you.
  • If the shared code matches the one displayed on your screen click “Mark as Verified.” If they don’t match, click “No Match.”
  • Once verified you will see a checkmark, to the contacts name at the top. This indicates that you are messaging the person.


In this article we discussed How to Use iPhone’s iMessage Contact Key Verification. When you’re having conversations, with others on iMessage you can ensure your privacy by using a new security feature. This feature is known as iMessage Contact Key Verification.

It is particularly beneficial for individuals who frequently share images or sensitive information, like bank account details through iMessages.

It’s helpful to have a way to confirm that you’re speaking with the right person. The best part is that your iPhone and iMessage’s regular functionality are unaffected by this security feature.

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