What’s New In WhatsApp Beta For Android

What's New In WhatsApp Beta

The Google Play Beta Programme is providing a new update for WhatsApp, bringing a newer app’s version which is version So what’s new in WhatsApp beta for android A new message menu for sending view-once photos and videos has been developed by WhatsApp and will be made available in a future app update.

What Is This Message Menu?

The app’s interface is still being improved by WhatsApp. We’re talking about the upcoming changes to view-once images and videos today.

WhatsApp is specifically investigating a novel method to set photos and videos to “view once.” The ability to set the media as view once is currently provided by an icon within the caption bar.

We’ve learned that WhatsApp has plans to change how users can set view once images and videos in the future thanks to the most recent beta for Android update, which is available on the Google Play Store.

It can be seen in the screenshot attached here that WhatsApp will inform users that they must hold down the send button while setting an image as a view-once message. The user can choose to send the image as a view-once message from a new menu that appears when they press and hold the button.

The same is true for videos as well, but be aware that GIFs still cannot be sent in view-once mode, even with the new message menu. Major features will be changing in the future, but we don’t rule out the possibility that WhatsApp will eventually permit users to send GIFs in this mode.

WhatsApp Plans To Expand Its Features

As mentioned in the article about the WhatsApp beta for Android update, and as revealed with the WhatsApp beta for Android update, WhatsApp plans to expand the view once feature to other types of media, including text messages and audio messages.

These plans were made public with the WhatsApp beta for Android update. This will be the most practical way, in our opinion, to send any kind of message as a single view.

The new message menu will enable users to send and receive videos and images, is currently being developed and will be included in an upcoming app update. As always, when we learn more about this feature, we’ll update this article.

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