WhatsApp beta for Android what’s new?

WhatsApp beta Android
WhatsApp beta Android

WhatsApp recently released a new feature of Quickly opening chats with unknown phone numbers. WhatsApp wanted to make communication easier, so they improved the app to allow users to initiate chats with new contacts without having to add them to lists. However WhatsApp beta for Android might bring some more advanced features for its users.

Looks like WhatsApp is developing more capabilities to give users more flexibility and convenience, particularly for short-term or transient communications, such as establishing a connection with a company or unknown contacts.

WhatsApp beta for Android what’s new?

We learned that WhatsApp is developing a new in-app dialer function thanks to the most recent beta version of the app, which is accessible on the Google Play Store for Android!

A future version from WhatsApp will likely include an in-app dialer, as evidenced by the screenshot which was used by WABetainfo. The company is currently testing this new feature.

While the exact method of WhatsApp’s implementation of this feature is still unknown, the app’s dialer would make it easy to call contacts without saving their phone numbers in the address book.

How Will This New Feature Be Helpful?

Users occasionally need to call someone for a brief reason, such as an internet purchase, a short question, or a business meeting.

That call can be placed using WhatsApp’s dialer, which eliminates the need to manually initiate contact with people or add them to the address book.

We think that having a dialer feature might improve the user experience in multiple ways, since it would allow users to place phone calls without having to utilise the built-in stock dialer software.

Compared to traditional cellular networks, WhatsApp calls are cheaper especially when done internationally as they make use of internet data.

This can benefit anyone with Wi-Fi access or cheap data plans. Importantly, WhatsApp is famous for its end-to-end encryption which covers both audio and video calls.

We propose that the app should have a dialer option within it so as to give people more privacy and security in comparison with regular phone calls.

New Additions In WhatsApp Updates

As mentioned above an in-app dialer feature that is currently under development will be included in a future release of the app. We will write another article once we get to know more about this feature.

WhatsApp had previously revealed that they were working on a quick response option for status updates. They hope to enhance interaction with status updates by allowing users to respond quickly in the future using the hearth emoji.

It appears that while still being developed, the status update reaction function is going through further improvements by adding ability to manage alerts for these types of reactions as seen on recent WhatsApp beta versions.

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