What Is Different In WhatsApp beta for Android

WhatsApp beta for
WhatsApp beta for

WhatsApp updated the app to its new version for Android. Through the Google Play Beta Programme, WhatsApp is now updating to version What has this update added? AI-powered profile photo generation is a new feature that WhatsApp is working on and will be available in a future update.

What Is Different In WhatsApp beta for Android

The creation of this Feature was meant to  give Users with a unique way in which they could level up their messaging game, by empowering them with customized stickers that were truly applicable to each User, ” it said.”

It  clearly seems that WhatsApp is committed to rolling out  further AI- powered features to Improve how Users interact with the app and help offer a more  custom experience.”

Is WhatsApp working on AI- generated profile  snaps?

We have spotted proof of the Feature in the ultimate WhatsApp beta for Android2.24.11.17 thanks to a bookmaker. WhatsApp is working on AI- generated profile  snaps.

This feature is related to a concept, which shifts the focus to what the AI can do it’s  really much like an artist. The creative piece comes into play because AI is generating a fresh set of profile Picture grounded on that input.

WhatsApp Beta Testing AI Generated Profile Photos

This feature plays on words. Say Picture. It has also been applied to the use of AI , as it aimed out; beta is testing a “ new way to  produce profile Picture without having to take a picture of yourself at all. ”

It is related to only the Avatar conception” An Avatar is defined as a graphical image and representation of the  user or the  user’s character.” Ask Scott Adams ’ AI to generate a custom Avatar Similar to your profile image.

We can take a  further  extensive perspective on this Feature. This could mean that the company has  unborn plans to support AI- generated profile picture and hence, is running the beta test  before  applying this Cutting edge tech Feature.


In this article we discussed What Is Different In WhatsApp beta for Android WhatsApp is currently testing a different approach with the beta for Android: AI-created profile pics and the best thing about this feature is that it’s like getting two for one, a double benefit.

Users can create custom profile avatars to express themselves and get creative, without having to use any personal photos that may violate their privacy, etc. It could prove to be a major development in terms of making WhatsApp more personalized and privacy-focused social media platform.

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