WhatsApp beta for Android

WhatsApp beta for Android

WhatsApp updated the app to its new version for Android. Through the Google Play Beta Programme, WhatsApp is now updating to version

What has this update added? Event reminders for community groups is a new feature that WhatsApp is working on and will be available in a future update.

What Is Different In WhatsApp beta for Android ?

This update lays the foundation for a coming feature that will allow users to set reminders for events passing within community conversations. This could be a significant addition for keeping large groups organized and boosting participation.   

Overall, this update is further about what is to come than what is new right now. Stay tuned for unborn updates that will hopefully bring the event reminder feature and potentially more.

What is the Importance of this new feature ?

The event reminders in communities feature, though not available in version yet, it have massive potential to enhance the community-driven communication and engagement on WhatsApp that brands are ever-keen to take advantage of! Here’s why it’s important:

1.Information Overload:

Community chats can quickly become saturated with messages to the point that you miss critical announcements or event details. Reminders serve as a notification nudge, reminding individuals of pending meetups, appointments or for submission deadlines.

2. Boosting  Participation:

In our busy lives, we sometimes forget a date of an event idea and struggle to participate. The reminder provides a nudge, to prompt those who wanted to go and engage in some community event. This may result in a stronger and more committed community overall.

3. Improve Organization:

Event reminders provide a central place for event details in the community chat. It will save you long time of scrolling through the old messages. It allows organizers to more easily share updates and keep track of RSVPs.

Benefits of the WhatsApp beta for Android ?

1. Enhanced Organization:

By informing group members of upcoming community events, event reminders help to clear up uncertainty and make sure everyone is aware of what is going on.

Consider having a chat room for your housing complex. Reminders for events can be used for critical announcements, social gatherings, and maintenance schedules, among other things.

2. Decreased Missed Events & Enhanced Participation:

Reminders can assist in keeping individuals informed about significant events that take place in a community. A more involved and active community as a whole may result from this.

3. Improved Sense of Community:

Developing a strong sense of community requires effective communication. A stronger sense of belonging can be fostered by reminding everyone and making sure they feel informed and included.

Speculation on How Event Reminders Might Work:

Setting Reminders:

It’s likely users will be able to set reminders for specific dates and times during event creation. This way you get maximum flexibility.

Creating Reminders:

All members can set reminders (or perhaps an assigned role like admins) That would be up to WhatsApp on how they implement community-based permissions.

Recurring Reminders:

Repeating reminders would be a clear winner here. For an ongoing meetup, such as a weekly game night or monthly book club.


WhatsApp is probably quite light on phenomenon but it gives a taste of what the future may hold. Event reminders for communities could change the way groups chat and organise.

But wait, there’s more… this is just the first look! If we try to anticipate a bit and get help from WABeta Info, then there should be quite a few features that might come our way soon.

Here’s hoping you’ll be able to remind your neighbours about the block party soon, but in the meantime stay tuned for more updates. The next big feature to connect us all together might just come from WhatsApp.

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