WhatsApp is Bringing Category Feature for channels directory

WhatsApp Bringing Category Feature
WhatsApp Bringing Category Feature

WhatsApp channels were launched in September 2023. This is type of a channel where we can get connect with our favorite influencers and get updated with their life and content. with the help of which content like text messages, photos, videos, stickers and polls can be sent to the users. But now WhatsApp is Bringing Category Feature for channels directory, so that users can get connect with more channels according their interest.

If you want to know more about WhatsApp category feature for WhatsApp channels then stay with us until the end of the article. We will talked about how will WhatsApp category feature work and more.

WhatsApp is Bringing Category Feature for channels directory?

Currently, there are limited ways to find channels on WhatsApp. You can either browse the channel list, which is filtered according to the country code and language preference of your phone number. Or you should get an invite link to the channel directly from another user. Apart from this, WhatsApp also recommends some channels for you.

But now whatsapp is working on a category feature to finding more channels. I told you a while back that WhatsApp is testing a feature on Android beta to show users similar channels.

This feature will help users find new content based on what is related to the channels they already follow. But a recent repost reveal that WhatsApp beta for Android feature even better from previous. It will be soon release by WhatsApp in the future.

How will the category feature work?

The category feature on WhatsApp is still in the development stage, but it is believed that it will be integrated into the channel directory itself. In this, users will get the facility to search channels according to category.

So far it has been known that WhatsApp is working on 7 categories – Business, Entertainment, Lifestyle, News and Information, Organization, People and Sports.

These categories will be automatically added, that is, the channel creators will not need to choose any category themselves. When this new feature comes, all the channels will already be placed in the right category.

This will also make it easier for users to find the content of their choice. They just have to choose the category of their choice and a lot of channels will appear in front of them!

Benefits of WhatsApp Category Feature

With the introduction of the category feature, WhatsApp channels will have many benefits. Let’s look at these benefits in a little detail:

Better search for users: As we mentioned, the category feature will make it much easier for users to find the channels of their choice. They will not need to scroll through a long list.

Better reach of channels: The category feature will benefit channels that are related to a particular field. For example, if your channel is about fitness, then due to the category feature, users interested in fitness will be able to easily reach your channel. This will also increase the chances of increasing the followers of your channel.

Improvement in content discovery: The category feature will also make it easier to find new and interesting content on WhatsApp. For example, if you want to know about a new topic, you can select the category related to that topic and see it.

Control over spam and misinformation: The category feature will also help WhatsApp control channels with spam and misinformation. Channels will be required to select their categories, and WhatsApp may take action against channels that put them in the wrong categories.


Today we talked about WhatsApp is Bringing Category Feature for channels directory. The category feature for WhatsApp channels will be a great update.

It will make it easier for users to find the channels they want, give channels better access, and also improve content discovery on WhatsApp. We hope WhatsApp rolls out this feature soon.

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