WhatsApp is bringing a new interface for channel content: Status updates will get boost

WhatsApp bringing channel content
WhatsApp bringing channel content

WhatsApp is surprising us with the worldwide messaging platforms, continuous new features and updates. In this blog, WhatsApp is coming with a brilliant new feature that is especially the group admin and content creators. Yes, we are talking about aWhatsApp new interface for channel content, which will soon be included in the status updates.

So, let’s see how this WhatsApp new interface for channel content feature works and what are the benefits of us. Let’s Start!

WhatsApp is bringing a new interface for channel content

Good news WhatsApp people! The platform is now going to change the way to share the updates of the channel, which will make you make a splash as soon as you put them in your status! The new interface will invest more and more to the users and your status replications will start raining.

According to WABETAINFO, this new interface has come for some lucky beta testers. If you also want to try it quickly, then install Whatsapp Beta for Android update from Google Play Store! For the rest of the users, it will be rolled out in a few weeks.

So, what is new? Actually, WhatsApp chat is making the attachment sheet a little smart. Now when you put up the update status of a channel, it will look more different and attractive than before. All this is because WhatsApp is now making a special layout for the channel update, so that it is clear that it has come from a channel, not a friend’s story.

New Interface: What will change?

So far, when someone shares a content of the channel in the group, it is shown with a simple text box. But, with the new interface, the channel content will be introduced in a separate and attractive form. Some possible changes may happen as follows:

  • Preview Cards: Now channel content will be shown as preview cards, which will include thumbnails, titles and slight descriptions of content. With this, users can decide whether they have to see the content or not.
  • Better layout: In the new interface, the content will be introduced in a clean and easily navigateable layout.
  • Action button: In addition to viewing content, users will also be able to do action like likes, comments and shares.
  • Series support: There may also be an option to introduce content as a series in the new interface, so that multi-part content can be easily followed.

How to use new interface for channel content

The new interface is very easy to use. Just follow these simple steps:
1. Open your WhatsApp.
2. Go to the “Status” tab.
3. Find the channel update you want to see.
4. Tap on the update.
5. Take to the channel to see the full update.

When will this new interface be available?

Now the funniest thing! Want to know whether this feature is available for you or not? So just do a simple job, put up a channel update in your status! The most instant method is to forward the channel updates. If there is a new interface there, then you are also lucky!

According to WABETAINFO, this bang feature will first come for a few select beta testers. If you also want to experience this magic first, then soon download Whatsapp Beta for Android updates from Google Play Store. For the rest of the users, it will be rolled out in a few weeks, so keep a little patience!

WhatsApp channel is constantly trying to improve the way to share content. The new interface is a positive step that will bring more access to channels and a better experience for you

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