WhatsApp is bringing lock chat feature for Linked Devices

WhatsApp bringing lock chat
WhatsApp bringing lock chat

WhatsApp is constantly working towards increasing the security and privacy of its users by bringing new features. In the same vein, WhatsApp is bringing lock chat feature for Linked Devices. Which will allow locking the chat even on linked devices.

This new feature will help users ensure that their sensitive chats remain hidden on their linked devices such as tablets or laptops. Let us know in detail about the new linked device chat feature of WhatsApp.

What is chat lock feature?

WhatsApp introduced the chat lock feature in May 2023. With the help of this feature, users can keep their personal and group chats in a hidden folder, which can be seen only through passcode, fingerprint or Face ID. This feature was created keeping security and privacy in mind.

But, till now this feature worked only on the device where you primarily use WhatsApp. If you have linked your WhatsApp to another device such as a tablet or computer, then your chats there were not secure. Anyone could see them easily.

WhatsApp is bringing lock chat feature for Linked Devices

Now WhatsApp is preparing to take this chat lock feature to linked devices. This means that in future you will be able to set a secret code on your smartphone itself, with the help of which you will be able to lock your chats on your linked device also.

This feature is currently in the testing phase and has been first seen on Android version for WhatsApp Beta. It is expected that soon this feature will be available to all users also.

How will use New WhatsApp lock chat feature?

So how will this new feature work? Let us understand it in simple language.

  • First of all, you have to open WhatsApp on your main device.
  • Then go to Settings and there you will see the option of “Chat Lock”. Click on it.
  • Inside the chat lock settings, you will find the option of “Secret Code”. Tap on this.
  • Now create a strong secret code of your choice. Keep in mind that this code should be such that no one can break it easily.
  • Once you set the code, all your selected chats will be moved to a separate folder and will disappear from the chat list.
  • Now whenever you open WhatsApp on your linked device, your locked chats will not be visible there too.
  • If you want to view your locked chats on the linked device, you’ll need to enter the secret code you created on your primary device.

Benefits of WhatsApp Lock Chat Feature

There are many benefits of WhatsApp lock chat feature, some of the major advantages are as follows:

Better security: This feature helps keep your private chats safe, especially when you give your phone to someone or someone uses your computer.

Security of personal information: You can keep chats containing your banking details, passwords, or other important information safe by locking them.

Protection from unauthorized access: This feature helps in protecting your WhatsApp account from unauthorized access.

Child safety: You can protect your children from inappropriate content by using the WhatsApp lock chat feature.

As we know WhatsApp is bringing lock chat feature for Linked Devices. But This feature is currently in trial mode, but soon it will be available to everyone.

Hopefully we will be able to use this feature in a short time. As soon as we get more information about it, we will definitely let you know!

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