WhatsApp is bringing new overflow menu icons

WhatsApp bringing new overflow
WhatsApp bringing new overflow

WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging apps worldwide, is constantly striving to improve its user interface (UI) and enhance the user experience. In this sequence, WhatsApp is bringing new overflow menu icons to improve the user interface.

This update attempts to make the user interface more intuitive and user-friendly. If you also want to know in detail about WhatsApp overflow menu icon, then this article can prove useful for you.

WhatsApp is bringing new overflow menu icons

In WhatsApp, the overflow menu is a menu of three dots (…) that is available in chat threads, contact list, and other screens.

This menu contains additional options that are not displayed directly on the screen. For example, pressing the overflow menu in a chat thread brings up mute, archive, delete chat, and other options.

These icons help better distinguish functions within overflow menus, providing clear visual cues to users and improving the overall interface.

It’s important to note that the new icons aren’t just an additional options menu. Notably, these menu icons have been introduced in various tabs including Chat, Updates and Calls.

This comprehensive approach ensures consistency in design throughout the app, making the interface more consistent for any additional option menus.

Where are the new overflow menu icons available?

The new overflow menu icons are available in a variety of locations, including:

As you can see in the screenshot there are many new icons added. Now you don’t have to go on settings to use the icon, rather you can use by clicking on three dots.

Chat threads: Icons are now included in the options available when you press the overflow menu in the chat window.

Contact List: The menu that appears when you tap and hold a contact now includes icons.

Call screen: Options menus during and after calls now also include icons.

When will everyone get the WhatsApp overflow menu icons?

Currently, in the latest Android beta version of WhatsApp (, select beta testers are getting the new overflow menu icon.

WhatsApp usually releases new features for all users only after beta testing. Therefore, all Android users can be expected to get this update in the coming weeks or months.

Benefits of the WhatsApp overflow menu icon

The new overflow menu icon has the following benefits:

Better understanding: Icons take less time to understand than text. With this, users can quickly know which option is for which purpose.

Fast navigation: Icons are quickly recognizable, helping users quickly find and select the desired option.

Crossing language barriers: Language barriers can also be overcome by using icons. Users of different languages can understand the option by looking at similar icons.

Attractive user interface: New icons make the user interface of the app more attractive and modern.

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