WhatsApp Channel Forwarding feature now available for everyone

WhatsApp Channel Forwarding feature
WhatsApp Channel Forwarding feature

If you are a WhatsApp Channel Admin then we have a update for you. WhatsApp introduce channel update that WhatsApp Channel Forwarding feature now available for everyone. Through this admin can easily share their message in their personal and Group chats.

If you want to know more about this feature after hearing WhatsApp Channel Forwarding feature now available for everyone then read this full article. In this article we will know how to use WhatsApp Channel Forward feature. Let’s start!

WhatsApp Channel Forwarding feature now available for everyone

The new feature that came in Android beta some time ago, which allowed channel updates to be forwarded quickly? So the same feature has now come to iOS too!

A few days ago, WhatsApp 24.8.85 update for iOS was released, but it did not tell what is new in this update. But the good news is that the new feature of forwarding channel updates is now available for everyone!

Although it may not be mentioned in the official update list, you can now directly forward your channel updates to chats and groups. This is an improved version of the already existing feature.

Where earlier you had to open the entire context menu, now there is a new forward button next to the reaction option. With this you can easily and quickly share channel information with your friends and groups.

What is channel forwarding feature?

Channel Forwarding feature is a new tool specially designed for administrators of WhatsApp channels. With the help of this feature, admins can forward text messages, images, videos, audio notes, GIFs and stickers directly from any group chat or personal chat to their channel.

This feature is time-saving, because now the administrator will not need to re-create the content. They can share anything interesting they’ve seen in a group chat or someone sent them in a personal chat directly with their channels’ subscribers.

How to use WhatsApp channel forwarding feature?

  1. Update Your WhatsApp:

First of all, make sure that your WhatsApp is updated. Channel forwarding feature is available only in the new version.

2. Go to the Channel You Want to Update:

Open your WhatsApp and go to the Channels tab. Select the channel you want to update.

3. Select the Message or Media to Forward:

Go to the group chat or personal chat from where you want to forward the message or media. Thread the message or media you want to forward.

4. Click on the Forward Icon:

Click on the forward icon (icon with an arrow) in the down right corner of the message.

5. Select “Channel” Option:

From the list of options that will appear, select the “Channel” option.

6. Select the Channel You Want to Forward to:

From the list of channels you have, select the channel you want to forward.

7. Click on “Send” Button:

Click the “Send” button to forward the message or media to the channel.

How WhatsApp Channel Users will benefit?

There are many advantages of channel forwarding feature, some of the main advantages are given below:

Save Time:

As we mentioned, the channel forwarding feature saves a lot of time for the administrator.

Now they will not have to waste time in recreating the content or copy-pasting it. They can directly forward anything interesting.

Easy Content Creation:

The new feature makes content creation easier for channel admins. Many times it happens that administrators are unable to get content ideas.

In such a situation, they can forward relevant content related to any group chat or personal chat.

Increase Channel Engagement:

The channel forwarding feature makes it easier to share more and more content on the channel. This increases activity on the channel and makes it more interesting for subscribers to follow the channel.

Build Community:

Admins can promote discussion on the channel with the channel forwarding feature.

They can forward any interesting topic from group chats to the channel, on which subscribers can give their opinion. This creates a community on the channel.

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