WhatsApp Status Gets Instagram-like Reaction Feature

WhatsApp Instagram-like Reaction
WhatsApp Instagram-like Reaction

Every time when we want to give a quick reaction to someone on WhatsApp then we think which emoji we send to the person. But now this problem is about to solve because WhatsApp Status Gets Instagram-like Reaction Feature, which will allow users to react quickly to statuses. This will work exactly the same way as you react on Instagram Stories.

Till now, to reply to a status on WhatsApp, you had to type text. But as WhatsApp Status gets reaction feature like Instagram, you can send reaction to any of your friends or relatives instantly. Let’s know in detail about WhatsApp status quick reaction feature.

WhatsApp Status Gets Instagram-like Reaction Feature

Some time ago we told you that a new feature is coming in beta version of Android, which will give notification when it is mentioned in the status update. But now WhatsApp is working on to enhanced user experience by adding quick reaction feature.

You know that even on Instagram, we can react to someone’s story by pressing the like button. In exactly the same way, WhatsApp is also preparing to introduce a similar button to react to status updates.

This feature is still in the development stage, but it is believed that it will be available to everyone soon. So now instead of replying to statuses by just writing text, you’ll be able to react with ease!

How WhatsApp Status quick reaction feature works?

As you can see in the screenshot, WhatsApp is working on a feature that will allow us to react quickly to statuses. WhatsApp will give a “Heart Shaped like button” in status section.

With the help of this feature, you will be able to give your reaction directly while viewing someone’s status. These reactions will not appear in the chat, but directly below that status.

Means, now if you like or find someone’s status funny, you will be able to react by giving an heart below. This feature will keep the chat clean and will also allow us to react to the status easily.

Benefits of WhatsApp new Feature

Status updates are a popular feature on WhatsApp, and this new reaction feature can make it even more interactive. Let’s see some of its benefits –

Fast and easy response: Compared to writing text or sending voice messages, this feature will provide an easier way to react to statuses quickly.

Making chats less cluttered: Sometimes statuses require only short replies like “Achcha hai” or “Wow”, which can make your chat history cluttered. This feature will prove to be very useful in such cases.

Time Saving: Many times, it takes a lot of time to think what to reply to a status. The reaction feature will save users time as they just have to choose an emoji and give their reaction.

When can we expect this feature?

Till now WhatsApp has not made any official announcement to roll out this feature. Since this feature is still in beta testing phase, it may take some time to use it. But it is also possible that WhatsApp may release it for all users soon.

WhatsApp Status quick reaction feature is a useful and entertaining feature that will help increase interaction between users and make the Status experience even better.

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