WhatsApp is rolls out the ability to disable notifications for calls on windows beta.

WhatsApp working Verified badge
WhatsApp working Verified badge

WhatsApp, the largest messaging platform in the world continuously runs new features for its users to get more value and premiums. Recently they are rolling out a new feature that helps the user to turn off call notifications on windows.

Let’s get a quick review of this feature and how it works. As this feature is under testing so it is just available for windows beta users, so if you are a beta user then you can check this feature on your Windows, by simply downloading the latest version of WhatsApp beta. Now let’s go into this feature and know how it will work.

WhatsApp is rolls out the ability to disable notifications for calls on windows beta.

This ability to disable notification for calls on Windows feature is available only for the windows beta user. So you can download the latest version of Windows beta from the Microsoft store and use it, as per the official report from WhatsApp this feature has been launched in beta testing. Currently, this is available on the beta version of 2.2250.4.0

You can check out this feature on your WhatsApp simply you need to click on setting and then clicking on the notification option. There you will get an option to stop call notifications on your Windows.

As this is a very useful feature and you will get full control of your WhatsApp notification. Simply after do not disturb mode you don’t get any notification of calls on your Windows. Before that, it is very annoying that the worst amount of notifications come on your Windows while doing work.

But this feature is not available for all the windows beta users, within some days it will be available for all of the users. And after correction, it will be live for windows users simply then it will be for the next update of WhatsApp within some weeks.

Hopefully, you like this amazing new WhatsApp feature and get excited about it. Just you need to wait a few weeks and you can access this feature on your Windows by simply downloading the latest version after the update.


Currently, this feature is under testing that’s why it is not available for all Windows users but in the next update, it will be a feature in all Windows Devices. We will surely update you whenever this picture is live for all of us. Just you need to keep with us to get the latest tech news and information about the latest update.

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